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The pet information channel Crate Training Dogs: The Right Way and the Wrong Way - Part Two The pet information channel

Part2: Does your puppy want to be crate trained?

Yes! in fact, he does. Your puppy or dog will soon see his crate as a place of security, IF it's approached correctly.

The crate is NEVER to be used as a punishment. Introduce it gradually and gently; make the crate and your pet's puppy potty training a positive and happy experience and he will come to view his crate like Linus views his blanket.

Make sure your puppy has a balance of crate time and activity time. He needs ample exercise to be healthy. This is an important part to crate training dogs and puppy potty training.

Being in the crate too much will have a negative effect on his personality and puppy behavior. And being loose all the time will get him into trouble and may also serve to make him feel insecure and overwhelmed.

A Few Crate Training Dogs Tips:

1. If you can't supervise, your pup needs to be in the crate.

This goes for dogs as well. Until your dog or puppy is reliable with each stage of puppy potty training, freedom should be limited.

This doesn't mean your pet should be in the crate all the time, but instead watched at all times. And make sure your puppy or dog gets ample exercise during this time. DON'T use the crate TOO much. This can also be detrimental to your puppy's or dog's physical and mental well-being.

In Puppy Potty Training I give an example of a step by step schedule for crate training puppies.

2.The crate should be an appropriate size for the weight and size of your puppy.

For crate training puppies you may have to find one that is adjustable, however I'm not a fan of these as they're not enclosed and don't promote the feeling of security near as much as the enclosed crates.

If using an enclosed crate during puppy potty training, then you can block off the back portion of the crate with something and allow more room as your puppy grows. Make sure that whatever you use to customize the size of your crate is safe and secure and won't pose any danger to your puppy.

For crate training dogs all you need to do is make sure it's an appropriate size for the dog. He needs to be able to turn around comfortably but not be able to go to one end of the crate and do his business and then return to a clean end. With puppies and dogs this is an important thing to remember when choosing a crate size.

3. For every month of the age of your puppy, that is how to get an idea of how long he can be crated at one time, (months to hours +1)

4. Never use the crate as punishment. Never bang on the crate to make your puppy stop whining. This can cause other behavior problems to be exhibited.

The Biggest Contributors to Behavior Problems:

Yelling, scolding, hitting, swatting, especially rubbing his nose in it (which is the worst), or getting upset at your puppy or dog only causes him to become fearful of you, and to be confused (usually both). And this makes potty training much more difficult for both of you.

These archaic methods are the biggest contributors to problem dog behavior, (not just in their puppy stages, but lasting an entire lifetime). Real Training causes your dog to "learn", and a puppy or dog can't "learn" if they're afraid and/or confused.

The Best News About Appropriate Crate Training:

The greatest thing about my effective but gentle method of crate training dogs, (or crate training puppies) for puppy potty training is that you will be building the loving relationship you've always wanted with your dog based on positive and rewarding experiences together as opposed to him doing things out of fear, pain or punishment.

Instead of performing because he is "forced", your puppy or dog will come to please you naturally. This makes the dog's behavior much more reliable and consistent and gives him a more confident and cooperative personality.

Successfully crate training dogs, (and crate training puppies) can be done very simply through the natural and gentle methods I explain in Puppy Potty Training.

My gentle and effective methods of puppy potty training, applied in crate training dogs, will build a positive relationship of cooperation between you and your dog during his puppy potty training stage.

It's very possible to get your puppy potty trained without having to use punishment and without having to clean up messes all the time.

My typical experience with a new puppy is anywhere between 1 and 4 accidents-total. And the results are always a very reliably potty trained, healthy and happy canine companion.

Kathleen Amaro is the owner of Her instantly downloadable ebook "25 Secrets to Raising the Perfect Puppy" not only tells you how to raise the perfect puppy, it presents the exact methods of how to crate train your puppy or dog using only positive and healthy learning techniques.


Shoemakersville zoners deny dog training-boarding variance  Reading Eagle

Owner only made request after receiving violation notice.

Global Dog Training Services Market 2019 – DoGone Fun, Citizen Canine, Noble Beast Dog Training, Pet Smart, Bark Busters  Global News Journal

A new business Market research report with title Dog Training Services Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025.

Leading the pack: Triad dog-training business sees steady growth  Triad Business Journal

Red Beard Dog Training is entering its fifth year in business in Greensboro and demand is at an all-time high for the business. Founder and CEO Brad Howell is ...

Open House April 20 at the Napa Valley Dog Training Club  Napa Valley Register

A public open house is scheduled at Napa Valley Dog Training Club from noon to 3 p.m., on Saturday, April 20 at 68 Coombs, Building N in Napa.

Kelly Bostian: Spring is the season for hunting dog training, testing (copy)  Tulsa World

“Guns up!” It's hunting dog season. That phrase — “guns up!” — is what judges at retriever tests yell before a dog and handler come to the line because the ...

Local prison dog training program gives homes, hope to those who need it  KXLY Spokane

Eight dogs have spent the last 11 weeks at the Airway Heights Corrections Center, getting trained by the inmates there and now, they're ready for their next ...

7 Of The Most Stubborn, Challenging-To-Train Dog Breeds  DogTime

There are some stubborn dog breeds who might just test the limits of your patience while you're trying to train them. And it's not because these specific dog ...

SUNY Cobleskill offers new dog-training major | Local News  Oneonta Daily Star

SUNY Cobleskill is breeding a new generation of dog trainers with a new bachelor of technology major.

Secretary of Agriculture visits USDA dog training site in Newnan  Newnan Times-Herald

Sonny Perdue, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, toured the National Detector Dog Training Center in Newnan on Friday. The U.S. Department of Agriculture ...

Newport’s ‘Russian dog wizard’ delivers training in ‘Doglish’  Los Angeles Times

After one session, Vladae Roytapel, the “Russian dog wizard,” had Wesley, a 2-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai, doing things the dog's owner didn't think he was ...

SUNY college to offer dedicated degree in dog training  13WHAM-TV

COBLESKILL, N. Y. (AP) -- The State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill says it will be the first college to offer a ...

Carroll College student training dog to find archaeological sites  Helena Independent Record

She's like Indiana Jones, but with fur. Dax the 10-month-old border collie/Australian shepherd mix is one of the first of her kind.

Morgan Hill Dog Training Business Fights to Stay Open  NBC Bay Area

A controversial dog training business in the South Bay is once again fighting for its survival. Primal Canine has been in Morgan Hill for about a year, and while ...

NY State College Is The First To Offer Degrees For Dog Training

Want to earn a bachelor's degree in dog training? Well, one school in Capitol Region is now the first to offer a degree for canine training, and it's not all far away ...

Look at her go! Roxy takes on agility course in Wags 4 Warriors service dog training

CLEVELAND — We've reached a new step in Roxy's training to become paired with a veteran as a Wags 4 Warriors *service* dog. She's now taking on agility ...

Upstate college offering dedicated degree in dog training  Times Union

COBLESKILL, N.Y. (AP) — The State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill says it will be the first college to offer a ...

SUNY Cobleskill to offer dedicated degree in dog training  WKTV

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there were more than 200000 nonfarm animal-care and *service* workers nationally in 2017, and roughly 14300 are ...

Impressive Paws dog training and pet care opens in Montgomery County  Community Impact Newspaper

Impressive Paws dog training and pet care *service* opened for business Feb. 8, offering in-home packages for dog training and pet care across Montgomery ...

The one thing about your dog's water drinking habits you need to watch closely: Roxy's training continues

CLEVELAND — Roxy, our Wags 4 Warriors puppy, is now 17 weeks old and just had her latest visit to the veterinarian. On Monday, Roxy and her handler, Kayla ...

Addressing Anxiety Among Top Trends in Dog Training and Behavior Aids

Consumer spending on dog training and behavior aids is going up, according to pet specialty retailers nationwide, with anxiety and leash-pulling ranking as the ...

The “H” Word  Roanoker

In our 19th post of the Dog Training series blog, Adam discusses the embarrassing "H" word - when you need to break your dog of humping habits!

Animal Advocates Radio"Voices Carry for Animals #213"-Team PitaFull Dog Training  BlogTalkRadio

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer Guest will be: Chef David Edelstein- Owner/Full Time Trainer at Team Pitafull Dog Training & Rehabilitation ...

PZC Approves Special Permit for Deep River Dog Training Facility

The Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously approved an application for special permit submitted by Janice Liscinsky to operate her dog training business ...

Facility dog Nicholas settling in at Monroe Co. Courthouse  Pocono Record

STROUDSBURG — The Monroe County Courthouse has a new employee on staff, and he's already made quite an impression on his coworkers. Although ...

'Celebrity' cat missing from Gale's Garden Center found six months later: How he was reunited with his family

WESTLAKE, Ohio — A local garden center's cat goes missing and six months later, he's found in another county. That's not a scene in a movie, it happened in ...

Sit, Heel, Stay...and Study: SUNY College Goes to the Dogs  The Wall Street Journal

SUNY Cobleskill announced earlier this month that it will expand its existing canine curriculum into a dedicated bachelor's degree in Canine Training and ...

SUNY Cobleskill First to Offer Bachelor's Degree in Dog Training  CNY News

This fall SUNY Cobleskill will offer a bachelor's degree program in dog training and handling. The college is expanding its existing canine curriculum into a ...

Mother sentenced to 40 years for neglect of children  The Herald Bulletin

Kayla Hudson's face became red, splotchy and tear-stained as she sat crying in the jury box before her sentencing on Tuesday. She seldom moved to wipe ...

Best Dog Training Dummies & Bumpers  Wildfowl Magazine

Spring is a wonderful time to walk out into the yard and rediscover all of the training dummies my dog has lost throughout the winter. It's always fun to see how ...

Messy Dog Training Adds New Online Courses  KEYC

Alex Oldenburg with Messy Dog Training joined KEYC News 12 This Morning to talk about their new online course in effective .

Animal Rescue League to offer dog training classes  Wicked Local Dedham

The Animal Rescue League of Boston recently announced that beginning April 6, the organization will begin offering dog training courses at its Dedham Animal ...

Auburn woman spends decades building confidence in both humans and dogs  Q13 News Seattle

AUBURN Wash. -- An invitation to the Hall of Fame is an honorable goal regardless of your career. But what happens after the induction ceremony is over?

Puppy and adult dog group lessons at Pinole Pet Food Express  Richmond Standard

For pet parents who desire to socialize their puppy (4 months or older) or learn basic obedience for their adult dog in a group setting, you can sign up for ...

Reel Indie  Tucson Weekly

Reata. Named after the Spanish word for lasso, this collaborative multimedia event combines film, photography and textile art into an experimental story rooted ...

You Can Actually Adopt A Puppy That Didn't Make It Through Service Dog Training In Florida  Narcity

Failed *service* dogs from Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto can be adopted.

China clones 'Sherlock Holmes' police dog to cut training times – report  The Guardian

Scientists in south-west China's Yunnan province have reportedly cloned what they called the “Sherlock Holmes of police dogs” in a programme they hope will ...

Crow River News Calendar | Free  ECM Publishers

Friday Fish Fry. APRIL 19 -- The Hamel Veterans of Foreign Wars will offer a fish fry Friday, April 19 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the VFW Clubhouse, 19020 Hamel Road, ...

Asia’s Leading Canine Trainer, Pioneering Mumbai Lady Grooms Dogs into Life Savers  The Better India

India: Shirin Merchant, the canine behaviourist from Mumbai, has helped train many dogs to assist the disabled. Her therapy methods have won hearts.

Choosing a Dog Trainer: 7 Things You Should Know  Petside

Choosing the right trainer for your dog can be challenging. With these 7 tips in mind, you'll gain a much deeper understanding of what you need to look for!

Future Growth of Dog Training Services Market explored in latest research | Key Players: DoGone Fun, Citizen Canine, Pet Smart  Operanewsnow

HTF MI recently launched the Global Dog Training Services study with 100+ market data Tables, Pie Chat, Graphs & Figures spread through Pages and easy to ...

6 essential dog training tools for pet owners  Animal Friends Pet Insurance

Our fantastic friends at All Things Dogs have written a great blog about the best training tools for pet owners. Whilst dominance theory has been widely ...

Global Dog Training Services Market Insights Report 2019-2024 : DoGone Fun, Citizen Canine, Noble Beast Dog Training, Pet Smart  News Stock Exchange

The global “Dog Training Services Market” report provides a complete bunch of all-inclusive essential information related to the global Dog Training Services ...

Hug Your Friends, Not a Dog  Columbia Star

This is a clear example of a dog enjoying a hug. His mouth is open, almost smiling, his eyes are soft and he appears to be leaning into the interaction. With my ...

Travelling with man's best friend  The Nation

Vistajet is proud to confirm the contination of its exclusive VistaPet program, designed for vacationers travelling with their pets.

Outdoor Adventure: 5 Fun Ways To Get Fit With Your Dog This Summer  DogTime

With the warmer weather upon us, it is a good time to think about how you'll make the most of the coming summer months when you can enjoy the outdoors.

Journalist Dives Deep Into Her Own Family's Past In Memoir 'The Beneficiary'  WBUR

Here & Now's Robin Young speaks with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Janny Scott about her new book.

Queensland Police show off new litter of crime fighters

CUTE ALERT! The Queensland Police *Service* (QPS) has released images of their adorable new Dog Squad litter. The 'R' squad was born on March 16 and is ...

Announcements  Santa Barbara Independent

Montecito Pet Shop Celebrates 26 Years. Join the Montecito Pet Shop this Saturday, August 17, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. for a day of sales, raffles, freebies, door prizes, ...

Lab chatters his teeth to welcome owners  Coffs Coast Advocate

Kyra Ensbey answers your dog training tips with easy to follow guidance.

Napa dog owner awarded $60,000 in death of pet  Napa Valley Register

A Napa woman whose German Shepherd died while in the care of a Contra Costa dog trainer has been awarded $60000 by a Napa County court.

On the West Coast of Florida, a service dog training facility changes lives and enchants visitors  The Washington Post

Puppies! Well, hello there, little fellas! You're so cute! “I just want to get everyone's attention for a minute,” said Alex Young, who might as well have been tossing ...

Dog-training program gives inmates purpose, companionship in Shirley  Lowell Sun

SHIRLEY -- Inside MCI-Shirley, dogs are learning to turn off the lights, sense danger and most importantly, provide companionship for inmates. The Labs are a ...

New Germantown dog training facility offers three tips for a better-behaved dog  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The new Redline dog training facility in Germantown is preparing for a mid-February opening.

Kinder Dog Training targeted in multiple accusations  WDEF News 12

UPDATE: Cleveland Police detailed another complaint filed against Steven Kinder on Wednesday. Jason Boehm says he dropped off his six month old lab in ...

Alpha Dog Training: Turning lives around for DOGS & OWNERS  TCPalm

After extensive training in California and New Jersey, Carrie MonteLeon opened Alpha Dog Training and works with dogs from 8 weeks to 15 years old.

Veterinarian treating dog from Kinder Dog Training talks about dog's condition and cost  WRCB-TV

The dog's veterinarian says the pup has been on a premium puppy diet and because he is young, he will recover.

K9s for Warriors to add San Antonio campus for service-dog training  The Florida Times-Union

North Florida-based K9s for Warriors will expand its *service*-dog training program to Texas later this year, with the help of a $2 million grant from Petco ...

Best Dog Breeds for Runners  Petside

We are here to help you select a pooch that will be able to keep up with your active lifestyle. Check out our list of the best dog breeds for runners!

Training time: January focuses on importance of dog training  KFOX El Paso

They say even old dogs can learn new tricks and January is the perfect opportunity to do so. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers dedicated this month ...

Bill clarifying bird dog training laws advances in Montana Senate committee  Billings Gazette

Updates to antiquated statutes related to bird dog training in Montana were approved by the Senate Fish and Game Committee on Tuesday, even though all ...

Dog training  Alaska Public Radio Network

In Alaska, dogs can be team members with mushers and also with hunters, using their abilities to extend our own. But first, someone has to let the animals know ...

Felon uses dog training skills learned in prison to better his life  KARK

Steven Neal spent almost 17 years in the Arkansas Department of Correction but 7 of those were spent in the "Paws in Prison Program."

Cleveland dog trainer charged with animal cruelty  WTVC

More calls are coming in after Cleveland Police charged a dog trainer with animal cruelty. An arrest report obtained by NewsChannel 9 says Stephen Kinder, the ...

41 families across US file complaints about Apex service dog training firm Ry-Con

APEX, N.C. (WNCN) -- It's been two weeks since CBS 17 first broke the story about an Apex non-profit being accused of selling untrained and aggressive *service* ...

Free Online Dog Training with 30 Day Perfect Pup  KSTU FOX 13 Salt Lake City

Mike Steele, the co-founder of stopped by to tell us a new way to get better behaved pets. He says the Pupford team was started when they noticed ...

Veteran to run farm, dog training business from $16,000 all-terrain wheelchair  Knoxville News Sentinel

Combat veteran and medically retired U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Dameon Berry was formally presented with an all-terrain wheelchair at Halls *Service* Center.

Reinforcement Techniques in Dog Training  The Bark

Positive reinforcement, using food rewards to increase the likelihood a dog will repeat a desirable behavior, is universally regarded as the most reliable method ...

Valley shelter offering dog training for National Train your Dog Month  FOX 10 News Phoenix

PHOENIX, Ariz. (FOX 10) - How well does your dog listen? If you've been having some trouble getting your pet to listen, you're in luck. January is National Train ...

The 9 Best Books for New Dog Owners  New York Magazine

Dog trainers and behavioral specialists recommend the best books for new dog and puppy owners. These books teach obedience, crate training, house training, ...

High Expectations Dog Training expands, adds puppy day school  Camas Washougal Post Record

Jen Dostert, a puppy day school trainer, Katie High, owner of High Expectations Dog Training, and Rob Michael, of Camas (from left to right), talk about Michael's ...

Family dog injured in 'Sit Means Sit' training  KTNV Las Vegas

Pets are family members and, like children, we want them to be on their best behavior. Specialized dog training fetches top dollar prices in Las Vegas and ...

Dog training school owner to be released on bond  San Antonio Express-News

A federal judge on Tuesday granted bond to the operator of a San Antonio dog training business who is charged with defrauding the GI Bill program out of more ...

PHOTOS: Vets get service dog training help  York Dispatch

Cover Six Canines, a ministry of Freedom Biker Church York, gives free *service* dog training to veterans.


Q: Red flags in dog-training ads/sites—what makes you suspect their claims? ▫ Why do you suspect these claims? ▫ What else about the ad/site is "off"? ▫ What.

This Is The Best Dog Training Technique According To Science  DogTime

Dog training can come in different forms, but science has continually backed up one particular method: positive rewards-based training. Find out why this ...

Jill Hall Teaches Dog Training at Bark Park  The Bottom Line

Isla Vista's new dog park “Bark Park” opened last October and has been an amazing resource to local dog owners and their pups. One program that has helped ...

Mobile dog training business settling down in Sun Valley  BusinessDen

A mobile dog training business has sniffed out a brick-and-mortar location. Canis Major Dog Training will open next month at 601 N. Bryant St. in Sun Valley, ...

Science Shows Positive Reward-Based Dog Training is Best  Psychology Today

A new program from Canada's British Columbia SPCA called AnimalKind Dog Training is a model for all to follow. Their techniques are amply supported by ...

Dog training business offers private drug detection  WTAJ -

A dog training business in Elk County is offering private drug sniffing dog searches-- with no police involved.

Feds: Operator of dog training school used dead person to commit $1.26 million fraud  San Antonio Express-News

A principal operator of a canine training business in San Antonio swindled about $1.26 million from the GI Bill program by fraudulently claiming his trainers were ...

Dog training business told they can’t take dogs outside  FOX 31 Denver

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo.— A couple dozen massive wooden stakes stand tall in a fenced in area behind Zen Doggy Den in Wheat Ridge. The earth around them ...

Marijuana legalization may lead to changes in police dog training  The Detroit News

Amid the legal haze that's arisen since voters approved recreational marijuana is some question as to the future roles of pot-sensitive police dogs.

UPDATE: Wife of deceased Cleveland dog trainer facing animal cruelty charges  WRCB-TV

Kinder faces six counts of aggravated cruelty to animals for the five dead snakes and one dead lizard found in her home during a search on February 7.

Antioch dog trainers face multiple animal cruelty charges  East Bay Times

The owner of an East Contra Costa County dog training facility maintained his innocence after he and another trainer were charged with animal cruelty.

Dog training helps troubled Aussie teens get lives back on track  Reuters

In a paddock in rural eastern Australia, Bernie Shakeshaft is working with man's best friend to help troubled teens get their lives back on track and teach them ...

Former Employee of NC Service Dog Training Business Says Owner Abused Dogs

APEX, N.C. (WNCN) - Complaints against an Apex nonprofit continue to stack up. The attorney general has now received 50 complaints against Ry-Con *Service* ...

Training helps your dog  The County

Having a dog in your life should provide you with great joy and companionship, not extra burden or an endless source of frustration, as is so often the case.

Animal Haven Now Offers Dog Training Classes (Sponsored)  The Lo-Down

Animal Haven now offers dog training classes. Classes are taught by Kate LaSala, CTC, CBCC-KA, who uses evidence-based, positive reinforcement methods ...

Questionable Service History For K9 Trainer With ‘Veteran Owned’ Business  CBS Denver

PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – A K9 trainer in Parker who claims to have served two decades in the military has no military records at all. Six Mercer enlisted the help ...

Steve Dale 2/3/2019 Full Show: Positive Reinforcement Dog Training  WGN Radio - Chicago

Steve Dale speaks about Dog Training and what products and techniques to avoid as a new pet owner during the early stages of the training process. He also ...

Operator of dog training school charged with fraud, money laundering  mySA

Federal agents have arrested a principal operator of a canine-training operation after he was indicted Wednesday by a grand jury on charges related to fraud ...

Get 20% off dog training with Arizona Humane Society  ABC15 Arizona

The classes can teach your dog basic commands, as well as other things in more advanced courses.

Owner Of Dog Training Business In Cleveland Charged With Animal Cruelty Takes His Own Life  The Chattanoogan

The owner of a dog training business in Cleveland who was arrested after four dog owners filed complaints against him has taken his own life. Cleveland Police ...

Texas Devil Dog Training Teaches Skills That Could Save Lives

Dogs have been working alongside people for hundreds of years. Texas Devil Dog Training teaches dogs skills that can lead to saving lives.

Ann Arbor Dog Training Club Opens New Building

By Lonnie Huhman,. Formed over 40 years ago, the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club has opened a new chapter with the grand ...

Service Dogs of New Mexico provide service dog training and education  KRQE News 13

*Service* Dogs Of New Mexico provide *service* dogs for veterans, adults, children with disabilities. They are now partnering with New Mexico United as well as ...


A commercial business park may seem to be an unlikely place to find man's best friend coming to work—but seven bomb-detecting dogs (accompanied by their ...

The first litter for 2019 has arrived!  myPolice

The QPS and Brisbane Dog Squad is proud to announce the arrival of the latest litter of crime fighters, the 'R litter' of German Shepherds. Born on March 16, ...

Doggy Dental Health with Sit Means Sit Dog Training  WSYR

Sit Means Sit Dog Training is using National Pet Dental Health Month to remind dog owners to keep their four-legged friend's mouth clean. Not brushing your ...

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  pet care information from the pet information channel  Related Pet Articles from the Pet Information Channel: pet care information from the pet information channel

Amazing Insights Of A Horse Training Expert From The Late 1800s!
Could a horse trainer, born about 154 years ago, teach us anything new today? Would the methods be old hat or would they be useful? The answer is a resounding Yes!, they are enormously useful. The horse training expert referred to is named Jesse Beery.

Interior Decorating for Cat Owners - Protecting Your Pet
Part 2: Protecting your pet. If you own a cat, then designing the décor of your home will require taking several precautions in order to protect your pet from harm. Glass items should be avoided both because they are easy to shatter, and because fragments of glass can then become embedded in your cat's skin.

Scottish Terrier Rescue - For the Love of Scotties
Purebred dogs of all breeds can be found in shelters, and volunteers can be found in every state to seek them out. Scottish Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, and even breeds considered rare, all pass through shelters every year.

West Highland White Terriers - Make Your Westie Famous
The West Highland White Terrier or Westie, has it's origin, as the name suggests, in the western Scottish Highlands. They were originally bred for controlling the population of rats, fox, otter and other vermin. The West highland White Terrier (also known as the Westie) is a elegant looking dog with beautiful eyes (this is my favorite feature).

How To Grow Daphnia For The Aquarium
The benefits of feeding live food to fish in a community tank are many: live food will improve vigor and color, and more closely resemble the food found in the fish's natural habitat. Live food is easily obtained.

Westie Pups - Tips for Success in Housetraining
Perhaps the best way to train your westie pups not to relieve themselves in your house is to never let the behavior start in the first place. Learning to anticipate your westie puppies need to 'go' takes time, and extra attention to your pups when they are small, but it should make the learning process less stressful for everyone.

What Type Of Food Should You Really Feed Your Cat?
What should you feed your cat to make sure he or she will have the necessary nutrition? What is the ideal mix of food to help your cat live to the limit of it's life span? Tip: Answer these questions, one should look at the diet of a feline in it's natural habitat. In the wild, a cat eats almost exclusively animal tissue.

The Truth About Declawing
There seems to be an alarming trend to have cats declawed..

Responsible Dog Ownership
With all the companionship and love that our dogs give so freely, it's hard to imagine that some owners just don't take responsibility for their dogs. But it's true.

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Natural preventative pet care isn't a new thing but it certainly isn't fully mainstream yet. One of the challenges is being able to re-educate the public to think outside of the box.

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Cats Make Great Pets If You Understand Them
Anyone wanting a new kitten should be a cat lover. Let's face it, folks, cats are just different from dogs.

RecoveryPets.Com Helps Recover Lost Pets
Making our lives better includes protecting our families, and also included in this category is the family pet. This once wild animal has become an integral part of the modern family, and there are many laws devoted to stopping abuses to pets.

You Cant Fool A Horse
By Jeffrey Rolo copyright 2004 Alpha Horse. In the dating world many men and women put their potential partners to a "dog test," whereby they introduce their date to their dog and see how the dog reacts to the stranger. If the dog reacts badly towards their date then a red flag is waved, whereas if the dog accepts the stranger instantly the opposite holds true.

Stop! Don't Give Your Cat That Chocolate!
"Where's the harm? My cat seems to enjoy chocolate and it's only a small piece." Just because certain foods, such as chocolate, are enjoyed by us humans and are perfectly safe for us, it does not mean they are suitable for cats.

Dog Crate Training: The Basics
Dog crate training is one of the most effective ways of modifying your pet's elimination habits. If your puppy or new pet has decided that they want to leave puddles or other unsightly messes around your house, then taking a closer look at this method may be in order.

Housebreaking Dogs and Puppies - A Step by Step Guide to Potty Training Your Dog or Puppy
If you're reading this I think it's safe to assume that you either currently own, or are about to buy, a dog or puppy and don't want to come home to nasty "surprises" on your living room floor. That's why I'm writing this step by step guide to potty training your adult dog or puppy.

How to Maintain Your Love Affair With Your Dog: Part One - Training
Training Tips for a Happy and Healthy Relationship with Your Canine Companion When I first laid eyes on my little ball of black fluff at an adoption fair, I knew there was no turning back. My husband and I had been looking for just the right dog for months, and all the research and networking had finally paid off.

How to become Top Dog - A Dog Owners Guide to Sanity
Peeing on the carpet, knocking you down, or stealing dinner off the counter are all signs that your dog doesn't respect your rules. In other words, you are not the Alpha Dog.

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