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Search Engine Roundtable

Matt Cutts Still Giving Webmasters SEO Help
Search Engine Roundtable
Just because a tool sees changes doesn't mean webmasters are noticing the ranking changes with their own site. That is what I cover, the webmasters reaction to Google changes. NOT the webmaster reaction to tools that suggest Google's rankings changed.

HTML Goodies

Best HTML5 Website Builders for Webmasters in 2017
HTML Goodies
In the early days of the World-Wide-Web, individuals and companies alike depended on web designers and developers to create their websites. These skilled crafts men and women harnessed the power of HTML and JavaScript magic that was considered to ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Webmasters Have Given Up & Lost Faith In Bing Webmaster Tools
Search Engine Roundtable
It has been a while since you heard anything at all from Bing, including their Bing Webmaster Tools. So long that it seems the tool is becoming unusable and unstable. As you click around, you get sent to pages that don't load. In fact, here is a screen ...

Google Search Console Sent Verification Emails To Webmaster By Accident
Search Engine Roundtable
Over the past 48 hours, some webmasters who use Google Search Console may have seen a bunch of new verification emails sent by the tool to their inbox. Some have reported receiving up to a 1,000 or so of these notifications. Obviously this is a bug.

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Defending CESAFI champs UV top UC to get back on track
CEBU CITY, Philippines - The defending champion University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers got their title retention campaign back on track with a 72-61 lambasting of the University of Cebu (UC) Webmasters in the CESAFI men's basketball tournament, ...

Webmasters Melbourne Rolls Out New Facebook Advertising Service
Digital Journal
Webmasters Melbourne is always pushing themselves to reach new limits and learn new skills. Working with their team of experts will guarantee every business an opportunity to gain quick success. Their digital marketing strategies are designed to bring ...

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Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Console Emails: Chrome Will Show Security Warnings
Search Engine Roundtable
Last night at around 6pm EST, I received dozens of emails from Google Search Console of site profiles I have access to, notifying me of the Chrome (version 62) ...

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Google Adds Beta Link To Google Search Console For Some
Search Engine Roundtable
But more people are releasing more and more screen shots of the new beta interface. Again, if you are part of the beta, you should be able to access it at The folks at Bruce Clay shared a screen shot on ...

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Paramus school district looking for communications coordinator
The new role, formally titled Communications Coordinator, is part of a larger initiative the district has undertaken over the past two years and is the direct result of a new partnership with the Arizona-based education management company, School ...


Email Validation: A Critical Success Factor in Email Marketing
According to Andrew Blazewicz, co-founder of the email validation service Email Checker, "Webmasters and internet marketers send thousands of emails to their clients and potential customers every day. Emails bouncing back means a reduced Sender ...

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