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PROJECTS and Testimonials

Savoy Ave. Akron, Ohio   Re-Roof, Painting,

Photo Before

Photo After


(This job has been completed) Garage re-roofing still needs to be done.

Painting jobs available for garage door and windows.

Plumbing and landscaping jobs are open.

We were looking for months to find the right contractor who could provide us with the right answers to our many questions. They got it right buy giving us the information before we could even ask them the questions. We now have a beautiful home again and our home value increased several times the cost of the new roof. Thank you very much for a professional job well done. Please tell your clients to drive by and take a look at our beautiful new roof.
                                 Mr. and Mrs. J.B


Offer your satisfied customers an opportunity to save some extra money when they provide a testimonial after each job is completed. This will instill pride and confidence in their choice to do business with you again.


Don't overlook an opportunity to offer an incentive to each satisfied customer who recommends you to their friends and neighbors. There is no better salesman than a happy customer.


Instill customer confidence to increase sales. A confident customer will buy quicker and recommend your services more often to others. Do yearly courtesy calls or mailings. They may be ready for another project or know someone who is. Let your previous customers know you have not forgotten them and appreciate their past business. Don't let the other guys steal your past customers away. They are your foundation to a successful future. Each satisfied customer is another building block in your customer base.

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