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TEN Answers That Turn Your Visitors Into Your Customers

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Web Site design TIPS
Information channel:

You know... Before purchasing your product a person comes to your order page minimum of 7 times? Nobody buys a product or service in their first visit. People search, compare, estimate, test... They look for affordable and good product that fulfil their needs.

Before buying they get so many question in their mind.

If you answer these question, sure they will become your potential customers.

****1.What did I get from your product?****

List out the benefits on your order page. If you don't have a seperate order page and order link is on the sales page itself, then put a small red box just above the order link and highlight two or three of important benefits of your product.

You can also keep your order link like 'Click here to see how I earned $455 from $25 with MY Proven Formula'.

Above is far better than just old, plain and dumb link like 'Click here to Order'. Don't you think?

****2.For how much I get it?****

People are more concern about how much they are going to spend on your service. They compare the price and features of your product to other product's features and price. So have a look around how your competitors are selling.

Keep your price bold. Manytimes I myself scroll the page up and down to look how much that particular product costs.

****3.Why should I get it from YOU?****

Good question. If there are twenty people selling same type of product it will become your responibility to explain the unique features of your product.

For example you are selling web hosting packages. Offer Live support for certain hours for your customers. Your clients love to get Instant help from your help desk.

If you are selling an ebook offer free upgrades. Show the list of previous upgrades if you have. This gains the confidence of your visitor that you are really holding on to your words.

****4.What benefits did I get if I buy your product?****

Always and always remember to list out and make prominent of the benefits they get from your service. Most of the sales letters are few meters long and are whole lot of paragraphs. People doesn't have time to spend lot of time at their first visit.

If a person comes to your web site from a search engine, he just scroll down and get the idea of what you have. So be prepare to put some prominent boxes with the benefits and main features. Use bullets or arrows with clear space in between the lines.

****5.What is the purpose of the product? How it works?****

If you reading the above question, it should be flashed to your mind that people like a demontration of your product.

****6.How fast can I get it?****

If you process your order manually and you do open your email every two days, your buyers become impatient. If possible try to provide instant download.

Some products need approval before delivering. For those you need little time. Tell this clearly on your order page or customer landing page after purchase. So there will be less chances of getting emails from them and charge backs.

****7.What if I don't like it?****

Provide a demo as said above. Most of the times this clears this question too. But still people need little more support in buying your product.

Offer money back guarantee if you have one. One week, fifteen days or 3 months... It is up to you.

****8.Why should I believe you?****


Get some testimonials from your existing customers. If your product is new then offer it to your other product customers in return of a testimonial. Offer full evaluation version and get some testimonials.

****9.Are your site using secure server for Credit card transaction?****

Use a well known payment processing company to handle your transaction. Below the order link keep text that says all your orders are processed securely.

Point them to your private policy on how their information will be utilised by you.

****10.Did I get support for the products and free future upgrades?****

If your buyer get any problem with your product, be there to provide support. People may not know how to use your product.

Provide them:

If you can clear all these question ,well...then you have earned a potential customer. Be breif and clear in explaining your points.

About The Author

Radhika Venkata

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