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LED scrolling light bar ColorLights

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OfficeJax used office equipment Akron Ohio

OfficeJax online shopping in Akron, Ohio used office furniture


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Investment property
East Akron

3-4 bedroom Home for rent or sale by owner


$650 per month
$65 k
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used office supplies in Akron, Ohio

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LED scrolling light bar ColorLights by GEOGRAPHICS

 model: GEO4000E        serial No. G97100
Input Power: 8.5 VAC  30W TYP. 40W max
FDEC Power Supply, model# FD425A
Use keyboard RC200 or RS232 cable CB7001
7x80 matrix of Red & Green LED's
Made under license to Real Color Displays Inc.
Approx. 40"x 6"

Officejax online surplus office equipment outletOriginal retail approximately $450.00

Click on actual photos to enlarge.

Serial Port backside

Label main

 Label secondary

no accessories available

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Will ship UPS ground.

LED scrolling light bar advertising tools and accessories for sale at OfficeJax

OUR INSANE price $20.00+shipping



GeoNet is a software program for Windows and Windows 95. It allows you to create and display messages on a GeoGraphics multi-color moving sign or network of moving signs using your PC. Messages created on the computer can be saved on the disk for future use.

We suggest you read through the Signs' instruction manual and do the examples provided to familiarize yourself with how the signs operate.


Before you use the GeoNet program, make a backup copy on the disk using windows file manger or the DOS commands copy or diskcopy. GeoNet is not copy protected. Please support our policy by not giving away copies to people who have not paid us for them.


Your package will contain some or all of the following items depending on whether you purchased GeoNet together with a sign or as a separate GeoNet kit.

i.Two floppy disk containing:

GeoNet Files:

GeoNet.EXE The main program
GeoNet.HLP A file containing the help information
Welcome.GEO A demonstration message
GeoNet.COV Codes to convert message
GeoNet.BMP 256 color Bitmap for drawing graphics
GeoNet.INI Initialization file
Modem.INI Modem initialization file

A complete list of GeoNet Files

Space needed for installation:
Windows Files: 2.70 MB
GeoNet Files: 1.10 MB

ii. One Geo Cable

If any of these items are missing from your package, please immediately contact your distributor for assistance.



GeoGraphics GeoNet requires the following hardware:

An IBM Personal Computer or compatible that runs Windows 3.1 or 95.

4 MB of free hard disk space

At least 2 MB of installed memory. (4 MB Recommended)

CGA, EGA or VGA monitor (for best color operation).

RS232 COM port - [2 COM ports are recommended for Modem connected networks].

Adapter Cable. See the Display's User guide for details of cable connections.


First, ensure that your sign and your PC are turned off and disconnected from the power. Then take the `Adapter Cable' included with your package and plug into the back of the sign.


Then to connect your PC, you can do one of two things depending on the location of the signs relative the PC and the type of COM port on your PC.

If the COM port on the back of the computer is a 9-pin type, you can simply plug adapter directly into your computer or use an extension cable to reach the computer.

If the COM port on the back of the computer is a 25-pin type, you will need to buy a 25-pin female to 9-pin male converter plug/cable to plug into your PC and then you can simply plug the connector on the adapter cable into the 9-pin male plug at the end of the converter at the computer, directly or via an extension cable.

You can now turn on your display and computer. It is IMPORTANT that the power be DISCONNECTED whenever you connect the cable onto the Sign.


The first thing to do before you use your disk is make a backup copy. You can use the File Managers Diskcopy command as follows:

Place the distribution disk in drive A and select Disk / Copy Disk from the file manager window.

Follow File managers prompts to back up the distribution disk.

Put the distribution disk in a safe place and use the backup from now on.

If ever the backup is damaged or destroyed, you can always make a
new copy from the distribution disk.

Setting up GeoNet

1. Insert the GeoNet disk into a floppy drive A or B
2. From Program Manager, select File menu and choose run
3. Type A:\setup and press enter

GeoNet will begin the setup procedure. The setup program copies all necessary files to your hard drive and creates the necessary directory.

Starting GeoNet and your First Message

To Start GeoNet find the GeoNet program group in Program manager. Double click on the icon then double click on the GeoNet icon to start the program. The first window that appears will be the Editor window. If this is the first time you have run GeoNet the sign settings form will be visible in the middle of the editor window.

Select the sign model and baudrate of the sign you want to send a message to. Also enter in the signs address. If you haven't changed the signs address with the remote control leave this address as 1 ( The default).

Select the Com Port that your sign(s) is connected to or choose Remote then select a Com Port, if sending messages through your modem.

After checking that all information is correct Choose OK to close the sign settings form. This option is available from the editor window by selecting sign then settings from the menu.

Your First Message

You should start GeoNet if you haven't done so already. (See Starting GeoNet for help.) GeoNet will start with the editor window.
Type in your message in this window. For example type

After typing in the message of your choice select File from the Menu at the top of the editor window then select Save. You will be asked to save your message. Type Hello or another name and choose OK. Your message has been saved.

You can send this message to your sign if connected. After checking to make sure the sign settings are correct. Select Sign / Send Message from the editor menu or Click on the Send button on the bottom of the editor window. The send button will send the message immediately to the sign selected in the sign settings form.

If you select Send Message from the menu you will be able to choose the sign, message channel and sequence to display before sending the current message.

After you send the message a gauge will appear showing the progress of the send. You may cancel the send at anytime. Large messages may take a few minutes to send.

GeoNet has many options that can be included into messages depending on the sign model selected. You should explore GeoNet to discover where all the options are located and to familiarize yourself with GeoNet.

Included with GeoNet is a sample message called Welcome.geo to view this message. First save any message you are working on then choose file / open from the editor window menu. Select Welcome.geo from the list of files to open. Choose OK. The message is now displayed in the editor window.

GeoGraphics Inc. 1997 Version 2.10


OfficeJax used office furnishings, tools, supplies



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