How much does it cost?
Every person has unique requirements and different situations. However we can tell you it is the most cost effective solution at a very affordable rate.

Let us know a bit about your needs and we can better determine a pricing plan to fit your budget. Usually costs are about as much as you might spend for a months rent at your local flea market for a booth space.

Once you have a web site up and running, expenses will continue to drop to an average cost of perhaps a $100.00 per year to operate. Depending on your specific requirements. You can go large as you want. You determine the path to future success. Where else can you operate for that little but on the internet? You are limited only by the time you choose to invest and your imagination.

Basic Membership 1 year: $150.00 us

Earn $50.00 for every membership you sell. Just have them give us your member sales code. Plus your AD will now be displayed on their web sites.
This is known as VIRAL MARKETING. Your AD spreads across the internet on every other members web site automatically.