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the unblockable spinning popups generator with resell rights


Instantly Create Amazing Spinning Popups
with Spinning Popup Generator!

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POPUP BLOCKERS are not effective against this system.
So more people will be viewing your important messages than ever before.

Now you can feature an amazing, new, breakthrough type of DHTML popup that actually comes out of nowhere from your web page and spins its way into view over the page!

A Spinning Popup gets your visitor's instant and full attention as it grows from nothing into full size in an amazing and spectacular spinning motion.
You can own thie amazing spinning popup generator v3.0 for your very own website and resell it for a profit! monitize your website with master resale rights products

Spinning Popups are powered by a little-known "secret" built-in feature of Internet Explorer browsers (version 5.5 or greater) that allows you to create spectacular spinning motions with any type of HTML content.

Very few developers are even aware of the existence of this amazing feature, but you can now reap the benefits of this relatively unknown discovery without having any programming knowledge whatsoever...all of the coding is done for you simply make a few selections, click to have your code instantly generated for you, then copy and paste to add the amazing new Spinning Popups to your web page!

the amazing spinning popup generator software with resell rights and promotional sales page


You can have your Spinning Popup spin in any one of 4 different Spin Styles:
and two types of incredible 3-D (three-dimensional) motions.

You can set the number of spins anywhere from 1 to 5 spins and the time per spin to anywhere from 1 to 60 seconds.

You can feature any content of your choice in a Spinning Popup such as
 links to web pages that you want people to visit,
your email list sign-up form,
a download link for your free ebook or software,
important messages that you want to make sure people notice and read,
the same content that you normally load in a regular pop-up window (while avoiding Popup Blockers since Spinning Popups cannot be blocked by them),
or any HTML content of your's all up to you!

A Spinning Popup loads inside of an iframe window and is dynamically positioned over the rest of the page so that it's always on top. Since you can load any type of URL in an iframe, you can feature any web page of your choice in a Spinning Popup.

You can also set the width, height, and border styling for the Spinning Popup.
Choose any size width and height (in pixels) and any border color along with any one of multiple border styles and thickness.

Plus, since Spinning Popups are an actual part of the page that appear over the rest of the page and are not opened in a separate browser window, they cannot be blocked by Popup Blockers.

Your Spinning Popup will launch as soon as the entire page has loaded.

You can set the Display Position of the Spinning Popup so that it appears in any one of these locations of your choice (relative to the inside browser viewing area): Top-Left, Top-Center, Top-Right, Middle-Left, Middle-Center, Middle-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Center, Bottom-Right, or any specified X and Y position (in pixels).

Plus whenever the visitor scrolls, the Spinning Popup will maintain its set position so that it always appears in the location that you set, until it is closed.

You have total control over the styling of the Close Bar and whether or not to even include a Close Bar. You can set the Close Bar position to either appear at the top, bottom, left, or right of the Spinning Popup.

You can also set the Close Bar background and close symbol colors to any colors of your choice. Plus you can set the alignment of the close symbol to left, center, or right (if the Close Bar position is top or bottom) or top, middle, or bottom (if the Close Bar position is left or right).

You will also have the option to include a close link within the HTML of your Spinning Popup in addition to or in place of the Close Bar.

You have total control over how often each visitor sees your Spinning Popup. You can set the Display Frequency to any one of 3 settings: 1) Show every time page is visited, 2) Show only once per browser session, or 3) Show only once every X days, X hours, X minutes, X seconds (where X is the number selection of your choice).

A cookie is used to keep track of when a visitor was last shown the Spinning Popup so that s/he is only shown the same Spinning Popup again based on your display frequency setting.

Here are just a few examples
of what you can do with Spinning Popups for you to view:
Your limited only my your own imagination. Be creative!

  • Site Link with right Close Bar and a Middle-Center display position.
    [Clockwise spin style, 1 spin]

  • List Subscribe Form with top Close Bar, an additional close link inside of Spinning Popup HTML, and a Top-Right display position.
    [Counterclockwise spin style, 2 spins]

  • Ebook Download Link with left Close Bar and a Bottom-Right display position.
    [3-D #1 spin style, 3 spins]

  • Special Offer Coupon Link with no Close Bar, a close link inside of Spinning Popup HTML, and a Top-Left display position.
    [3-D #2 spin style, 2 spins]

  • Text Ad with bottom Close Bar and a Bottom-Left display position.
    [Clockwise spin style, 4 spins]

These are just examples to give you an idea of some of the Spinning Popups you can create. You can feature any type of content that you want in your Spinning Popups and choose from multiple settings. So the possibilities for the types of Spinning Popups you can create are endless!

Spinning Popup Generator allows you to quickly and easily create amazing and spectacular Spinning Popups to add to your site.

You don't need to have any advanced programming knowledge or skills.

You simply make a few selections, click a button to have the code instantly and automatically generated for you, then follow the simple Code Installation Instructions to copy and paste the code on your web page.

It's that simple!

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[NOTE: You may have seen this package selling elsewhere at a reduced price. There is a reason for that. Compare features to be sure that it is not an older or incomplete version without all the features and components as are described above.  If you have purchased this product elsewhere and it does not identify the version number correctly you may want to consider purchasing this version. Spinning Popup Generator is Windows-based software. So you will need to have any version of Windows installed on your computer in order to use the software. Since Spinning Popups use a feature that is available only in Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater browsers, only those with an IE 5.5 or greater browser will be able to see the spinning motions. However, those using other non-IE late version browsers such as FireFox will be shown a normal DHTML popup without the spinning motions. So whatever content you feature in the Spinning Popup will still be seen by most of your non-IE visitors as well, just without the spinning motion. Since the majority of people visiting your site will likely be using an Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater browser, most of your visitors will see the spinning motions.]

If you have any questions, click here to contact us. 


What are Pop-Up Ads? Pop-up ads are small browser windows that appear on screen after a web page is first loaded. They may appear on top of the current page or hidden beneath it. A pop-up ad may appear virtually anywhere on screen. Pop-ups can be set to appear after a visitor leaves a site or when they first arrive.

What Value Are Pop-Up Ads? Pop-up ads are frequently used to request email addresses for subscriptions to ezines and newsletters; to upsell additional products after a sale is made; and to create a sense of urgency should a visitor leave prematurely.

Do Pop-Up Ads Work? Absolutely. When used with restraint, pop-ups can boost the number of subscription requests you will receive, and they can increase your sales.

Which Pop-Up Ads Are Most Effective? Pop-ups that slide on-screen or are otherwise animated help draw extra attention to their sales and marketing messages. Delayed pop-ups which appear after a visitor leaves your site can also be a great way to recapture their attention with a special discounted offer and can convert your abandoned sales. Pop-ups that are intuitive and neatly designed can help create greater awareness for your products or services and generate additional sales.

What About Pop-Up Blockers? While it is true that some of the newer browsers have built-in pop-up blockers and some web surfers use third-party utilities to selectively view pop-up ads, the vast majority of browsers permit pop-ups to be viewed. Additionally, there have been several advances made in pop-up technology that reduce the possibility of your pop-up ad being blocked.

Should I Use A Pop-Up Ad Network? No, while these networks tend to promise lots of exposure, they also tend to launch multiple pop-ups on participating sites, so the visitor gets barraged by two or three pop-ups at once: one on top, one on the bottom, and one on exit. In all likelihood your pop-up ads will be ignored.

How Do I Get Started Using Pop-Up Ads?
First, choose one or more of our recommended tools to design and create your pop-up ads. Second, use restraint and use no more than one pop-up ad per web page. Attempting to bombard your visitors with too many pop-up ads interferes with their surfing experience and will cause them to abandon your site. Lastly, make your pop-up ads compelling so your offer can not be ignored.

Spinning Popup Generator   Copyright � 2005   Derrick Horton


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