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Consumer Credit Counseling

   Consumers are often in need of credit counseling and will reach out to experienced professionals to help them improve their credit rating and repair bad credit. Often times the credit card interest rates and loan interest along with late fee penalties can get out of control, thereby creating a deadly trap where making even the minimum payments won't be enough to get your head above the water. An experienced consumer credit counselor can help you save money and often times reduce your debt significantly.

While credit cards are considered by many as a modern day necessity, enabling convenience in making purchases, there is a downside that can strike even the most sincere of credit card holders. High interest rates can choke your credit line and create a situation of ever increasing minimum monthly payments. I know, I have been there and have been choked! A few late payments can bump up the credit card interest rate, not to mention add late fees that seem unfair. While they may be unfair, the late fees are pure profit for the credit companies and they certainly benefit from them at your expense.

To get back into financial health you can work with a consumer credit counseling service to help you negotiate a settlement where you can make smaller monthly payments to a negotiated lower debt amount. While you can contact the credit companies yourself, an experienced credit counselor will know the ins and outs of negotiating and can streamline the process to it's simplest conclusion.

The downside to negotiating debt settlements is that your line of credit will be closed and you'll possibly have a blemish on your credit report. That is why an experienced consumer credit counseling service may be a smarter alternative than repairing credit yourself because credit counselors know inside methods to reduce to negative impact on your credit rating. Often credit counselors will even suggest methods to improve your credit rating.

When I got into trouble with my credit and had more debt than incoming income I had to resort to getting more loans to bail me out. I was fortunate to have lots of equity in my house, but the band aid equity loans and lines of credit didn't solve the problem, but rather added to my debt. An experienced consumer credit counseling service can help you weigh the benefits of all the various methods of repairing bad credit and settling debts. They'll offer several programs that can work towards solving your debt problems and improve your credit rating at the same time.

Credit risk management and consumer debt solutions are where the consumer credit counseling service can expertly guide you towards achieving financial goals. Consumer credit counseling services can help negotiate reduced payment amounts with lower interest and monthly payments by standing behind you and reinforcing your commitment to paying off your debts.

If you are having trouble making your monthly minimum payments towards your credit, it is highly suggested you consider speaking to a consumer credit counseling service and see what debt solutions they can offer. They'll give you options for debt solutions and you will at the very least walk away with ideas how you can solve your financial problems and improve your credit rating


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The internet in many ways is much better suited for the "small seller" than the corporate giant.

    Large companies fail when there has been a much overlooked movement prospering on the internet: The tremendous and growing presence of the small business person. The real success stories are endless:

  • A one man consulting firm grows to a seventy five person group in two years.

  • An internet part timer who is selling over $1,000 per week of refrigerator magnets

  • A fisherman starts a business online selling fishing lures and enjoys a thriving business


  • The owner of a touring company goes on the internet and sees his sales triple


  • A reseller of used and re-conditioned parts lives in a beautiful cabin and works 3 hours a day

Many of these people started their businesses on the internet and many had small businesses before they decided to venture onto the world wide web.  While the beginnings of the business are not particularly relevant, we do know that internet allows a tremendous outlet for goods and services provided by the small entrepreneur and, more importantly, the predicated growth of internet commerce over the next few years will be staggering.  It is during periods such as this that small enterprises are bought by larger concerns and corporations at incredible prices and valuations.

My story is not nearly as exciting as some of those I have spoken to. However, we started our business with only a few hundred dollars and then had the satisfaction of watching it grow month after month, mostly because the internet was the perfect tool for the small businessman.  Without the internet, I am certain that our business would have failed within the first year.

Take a broad view of the internet and you can begin to see why it supports the small business person, craftsman and artisan so well with little to no competition from the large corporations that make it so difficult for small businesses to survive in the real world: Home Depot, Blockbuster Video, Supermarkets, etc. can't survive with the small start up profits that most small business are accustomed to.

These ebooks also cover critical topics like deciding what goods or services to provide on the web, and how to do it. The importance of promoting, linking and getting the word out and many other important issues. Each ebook that you purchase comes with reseller master rights that you may now offer to sell to the visitors who come to your web site. So now you can also help others learn and make a small profit by reselling as many copies as needed. Each ebook is a value added service that you can now offer to your customers and web visitors. They can now find and learn valuable information provided just by visiting your web site.

The greatest element of the web's potential from our point of view is in the low cost of getting started.  A few hundred dollars can grow into tens of thousands in a year's time and if it doesn't, we can always try again.  Even I was able to scrape up the money needed to start our business and in looking back it seemed easy.

Step number one is to open a free PayPal account if you don't already have one.

Step number two: Have a professional looking web site.

Step number three: Have some products, merchandise, or services to offer.