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Diecast Collectibles: The Collectors' Guide to Making a Profit

Millions of people have made a hobby of collecting items of one sort or another, but some take it to a higher level. These collectors view their collections as more than just an accumulation of trinkets that they happen to enjoy; to them, it's a business, and they're not in it to lose money. For those who collect diecast models, making a profit can be a challenge, unless you know the ropes of how to effectively collect pieces and then apply the necessary strategies to resell at an increased price.

It's a good practice to collect only those items that you truly like, and then do quite a bit of shopping around in order to find the best buy. Market trends are never very stable, and by collecting those pieces that particularly appeal to you, others may view them in the same way. This will enable you to resell them more easily. Certainly, it's never good business practice to buy the first piece that you find. Competition is stiff, and there are some great deals out there that you can use to your advantage.

Avoid specializing in one specific area of diecast collectibles. If, for instance, you're interested in collecting NASCAR models, it's best not to isolate your purchases to those of one particular driver. That's not to say that you shouldn't include them among your other pieces, but there's a need for diversity if you're hoping to eventually realize a profit. Although a piece may not seem to have much value in today's market, that doesn't mean that it won't increase as time goes by.

Older diecast models make a nice addition to anyone's collection, and can eventually precipitate a good amount of sales revenue. Don't overlook what you may now see as relics or outdated pieces. There's always someone out there who's looking for an older piece - whether for nostalgic reasons, to complete a collection or for the purposes of an eventual sale - so don't limit yourself by excluding the golden oldies.

Some of the best deals can be found in flea markets, on eBay and other auction sites. Not only can you find pieces for your own collection, but these will be eventual avenues for you to resell them at a later date. The highlight of the auction arena is that you can set a starting price and watch the bids increase your income potential - sometimes to a figure much higher than you would have imagined. Setting a reserve price helps, too, so that you won't lose a piece when someone comes in way under the piece's value.

Picking up models at local department stores, such as Wal-Mart, or through TV shopping forums such as QVC is usually a mistake. While these may have reasonable quality, they're usually not as well constructed as what you can find elsewhere, and tend to flood the market with certain pieces which they sell in high volume in an effort to gain a higher sales standing. Stick to the mainstream collection sites and you'll do much better.

Remember that you may not break the bank when you resell a piece, but with a good sense of timing and strong negotiation skills, you'll be able to realize some type of profit and, with a bit of experience, will increase your overall profit potential.

(c) 2005 Dale Stewart - All Rights Reserved

Dale Stewart is a freelance author and diecast enthusiast.

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The backstory of Hot Wheels, the most popular toy 50 years ago  Marketplace APM

Once a month, Tom Wilson transforms a 4,000 square foot banquet hall in southeast Orlando into the Central Florida Diecast Collectors Show. Inside, the ...

Name Mahindra's new car model on Twitter and you can win a prize  Times Now

Mahindra is taking suggestions for naming their new car model.

'Starman' aboard: Hot Wheels toy features SpaceX spacesuited driver

There's a Starman waiting in the sky, and now in stores, too. Mattel has released a new Hot Wheels toy model of Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster that launched atop ...

Crowds roll in for Ludlow toy and train fair

Toy and train collectors from all over the country came to Shropshire for a sale and swap of hundreds of pieces.

Antique & Collectible Toy Show in Kirtland provides trip down memory lane

Don Manno and his grandson Christian Cifra share an interest in model trains and other collectibles, so they made it a point to stop at Lakeland Community ...

Beloved north-east police car transformed into Corgi model  Press and Journal

A famous toy manufacturer has made a miniature replica of a legendary north-east police car, which has become a top attraction since being brought back to the ...

Why People Don't Like the New Toyota GR Supra  The Drive

After more than two decades' absence in North America, the Toyota Supra is back. In case you were wondering, its imminent arrival has caused a bit of an ...

QOTD: After GM Pulls 'Real People' Ad, What Do You Want to See In a Car Commercial?  The Truth About Cars

As a blizzard bears down on a still unidentified swath of eastern North America, we can all take comfort in knowing General Motors has pulled one of its ...

Show Us Your Favorite Scale Model Cars  Jalopnik

A good portion of car-enthusiastic folks are serial collectors, myself included. I have collections of car literature, automotive-themed toys and games, and the ...

Hot Wheels: 2019 Autoweek Car Culture Award

Mattel did not invent the die-cast toy car when the original 16 Hot Wheels were released 50 years ago. American brands like Tootsie and European ones like the ...

How To Enjoy Toy Cars As An Adult  Jalopnik

One of the great things about having kids, I'm told, is that you get an excuse to buy all the cool toy cars you miss from your own childhood. That's fine and nice, ...

Fan's hot rod to become Hot Wheels diecast model  Motor Authority

Hot Wheels representatives have traveled the United States as part of the company's Hot Wheels Legends Tour to celebrate the toy cars' 50th anniversary.

Americana in True 1:64 Scale: The Fun of Die-Cast Collecting with Auto World  Driving Line

True to 1:64 scale die-cast muscle cars from Auto World.

Today in 'Model Cars That Cost More Than a Year of College Tuition': The $14,689 Porsche 919 Hybrid  Jalopnik

The holidays are coming up, in case your Twitter timeline half filled with people wanting to get ~*spooky*~ and the other half posting Christmas emojis hasn't ...

Ex-Nurse Farah Trades Job For Business In Model Cars  Star2

What is it about collectable model cars that caught the attention of former nurse Farah Nadiyah Shamsudin, who turned her hobby into a job that she's ...

The Best Toy Cars for Kids of All Ages  Fatherly

No matter what your kid is into, there exists a toy car that they'll absolutely love. Here are 13 of the best options on the market.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s newborn already has her own (model) car  For The Win

Dale Jr. and Amy Earnhardt recently had their first child, a daughter named Isla Rose, and she was probably the most anticipated NASCAR baby ever.

These Wooden Diecast Cars Would Make The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

These hand-crafted, completely adorable CandyLab diecast cars come in six different flavors and start at just $6.

First look at Tesla’s “something special” diecast replica to Model 3 line-waiters  Teslarati

The first images of Tesla's “something special” gift for early Model 3 reservation holders have emerged online, seemingly confirming rumors that Tesla is giving ...

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Available as Exclusive Diecast from Acme Trading  Hot Rod Network

Acme trading has long been a favorite of Ford diecast collectible fans and its latest, the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt, will not disappoint.

Small wonders: a brief history of classic toy cars (and the fanaticism behind them)  ABS-CBN News

It was a photo shoot with some of the world's rarest vehicles parked side by side: a bright red 1962 Ferrari 250 GT, a silver Aston Martin DB5, an AMG SLS ...

This McLaren 600LT Costs Just $85, But There’s A Catch

Automotive enthusiasm bleeds beyond the garage. Video games, movies and TV, and toys offer ways to experience cars and car culture outside the driver's seat ...

This Guy’s Custom ‘Jet’ Car Will Become Hot Wheels’ Latest Die-Cast Model  Carscoops

Hot Wheels celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this year and part of the celebrations included a search for a customized car that would become immortalized ...

These Vintage Hot Wheels Toys Are Worth Thousands of Dollars  History

For the first few years, they originally sold for less than a buck.

This Guy Has a Collection of Over 30,000 Diecast Model Cars

How many Hot Wheels cars did you have as a kid?

20 Toy Race Cars From Our Childhood Worth A Fortune Today  HotCars

Dear readers, your collective jaws will snap open in shock when you learn what some of these toy cars currently go for.

UPDATE: Tesla Model 3 Day 1 Reservation Holders Diecast Gifts  InsideEVs

People have been waiting two years for Elon Musk's promised something special for early Tesla Model 3 reservation holders, and now we know what it is.

Renault Captur is now a LOT cheaper than the Duster: Here’s how

In order to dish out the old stock and attract more buyers towards the crossover, Renault is currently offering a huge discount worth Rs. 2.5 lakhs on the Captur.

These Seven Desk-Approved Toy Cars Belong in Your Office  RealClearLife

Hot Wheels turned 50 in May and now it is time for you to upgrade your toy car game.

Toy car collection reported stolen from Troy storage facility  The Oakland Press

A large collection of antique toy cars was reported stolen from a storage unit in Troy recently, but the theft may have occurred as early as January 2016.

These Insanely Real Model Cars Are Like Hot Wheels for Adults  Thrillist

You don't have to be a full-fledged car nut to like model cars. After all, the lifelong relationship with all things automotive begins with that first 99-cent Hot Wheels ...

This Tiny 18-Karat Gold Ford GT Model Car Will Only Cost You About $40,000  Jalopnik

I love car collectables. I have diecast race cars all over my office, and I once found this $50 clock shaped like a steering wheel on clearance for $11. I brag about ...

All cars great and small: How to collect model cars

Collecting cars is a rewarding and exciting way to spend one's time and money. But it can also be challenging and intimidating. If we consider luxury and exotic ...

These classic cars are getting a diecast Matchbox release in 2019  AutoClassics

Admit it – we're all big kids inside. You can pretend you aren't interested all you like, but if you have a genuine passion for classic cars, scale models always ...

New Transformers The Last Knight Die Cast Cars From Tomica

Lots of Transformers related Die Cast news coming out recently as, in addition to the G1-inspired figures we reported on yesterday, Japanese die cast company ...

Fascinating New Hot Wheels Book Chronicles Toy Cars' 50-Year History  The News Wheel

Review of Motorbooks' "Hot Wheels: From 0 to 50 at 1:64 Scale," a coffee table book chronicling the die cast toy cars' history and 50th anniversary.

2020 Porsche 911 Scale Model Shows Up in Lava Orange  autoevolution

How do you put a sportscar into a tree and make everybody happy instead of the whole thing being a disaster? You buy a scale model and decorate your ...

New Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster toy celebrates SpaceX-launched car

Eight months after SpaceX launched a Tesla Roadster into space, the sports car can now be found 170 million miles away from Earth -- and on local toy store ...

New Jersey resident will have car turned into Hot Wheels

A Hope, New Jersey resident won Hot Wheels 50th anniversary national competition to have his car turned into a Hot Wheels that will be sold.

Your Old Matchbox and Hot Wheels Cars May Be Worth a Lot  The Drive

One thing my parents did right was to save my collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars from when I was a kid. Thanks to them I have about 100 cars from the ...

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Die Hard Die-Cast Car Collectors  Jalopnik

Toy cars—they're not just for kids anymore! At least that's what I keep telling my girlfriend in a campaign to replace her family photos with this sweet Hot Wheels ...

Shizuoka Hobby Show: The Coolest Car Event You've Never Heard Of  Driving Line

If you head west out of Tokyo on one of Japan's speedy bullet trains, you'll soon find yourself in Shizuoka Prefecture—home to a beautiful stretch of coastline ...

Model cars owned by founder of toy firm sold for £21,000  BBC News

The collection fetched £21000, but a rare James Bond Aston Martin model failed to sell.

Hot on Hot Wheels: Texoma man’s toy car collection tops 25K  Sherman Denison Herald Democrat

Carl Brown has a simple rule for his grandchildren when it comes to the collection of 25000 toy cars he has amassed over 30-plus years of collecting.“If you can ...

A Scaleback in Die-Cast Cars  New York Times

The decision by the Danbury Mint last month to stop selling die-cast model cars was symptomatic of a more serious shrinkage in a market where the vehicles are ...

Global Automotive Diecast Scale Model Market 2016-2021: Drivers and Forecasts by Technavio  Business Wire

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technavio market research analysts forecast the global automotive diecast scale model market to grow at a CAGR of more than ...

Rare Hot Wheels, Matchbox car: What they're worth now  Detroit Free Press

Rare Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars are some of the most expensive models as values soars.

Global Aluminum Castings Market to 2025| Arconic, Dynacast International, Endurance Technologies, Nemak, Ryobi, Alcoa, Eagle Aluminum Cast Products  openPR

Albany, NY, 18th January : Recent research and the current scenario as well as future market potential of "Aluminum Castings Market - Global Industry Analysis, ...

Restoring a Die-Cast Tractor Toy With 3D-Printed Parts Looks Like a Great Way to Zone Out  Gizmodo

They're becoming more prevalent in manufacturing, but if you're still wondering if you need a 3D printer at home, there's just one other question you need to ask: ...

Corydon Customs Designs Personalized Die-cast Models in Awards, Collectibles & Memorials

Corydon Customs recently completed designing and manufacturing an individual die-cast car model and packaging for the 112 sworn officers of the Jacksonville ...

Zoom in on miniature car collections in Coombs  Parksville Qualicum Beach News

Jake's Die Cast Models feature replicas of trucks, hot roads and construction equipment.

What a Collection of 1000-Plus Die-Cast Cars Looks Like  Popular Mechanics

What do you do when your obsession with model cars starts to take over your house? You build them a room of their own.

How did this old school bus win a Hot Wheels competition? It's the story behind it  Kansas City Star

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary tour stopped in Gladstone to find cool cars and great stories. Among all the hot rods, a 1938 school bus won the prize. The winner ...

Cool Porsche 919 Model Costs As Much As A New Ford Fiesta

Porsche has a beautiful 1:8 scale replica of its 919 Hybrid race car finished in exquisite detail, but it costs over $14000.

Salvation and the 1949 Ford  Herald Palladium

It's always a treat when a vintage car owner sends me an email with a photo of their vehicle.

Hot Wheels Legends Tour, celebrating 50th anniversary, makes a stop in Garfield

Thousands of car and Hot Wheel enthusiasts came out to celebrate the toy's 50 year anniversary on Saturday in Garfield.

Suburbicide | Features  Archinect

I. The United States Air Force does not publish statistics on suicides committed by pilots of their unmanned combat aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones, ...

Hot Wheels Embraces the Imports for Summer  Driving Line

2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of the car brand that almost all of us have owned at one point or another: Hot Wheels. As car enthusiasts, most of us grew up ...

New Jada Die Cast 1 / 24 Scale Bumblebee Cars Revealed

Thanks to a new order page on 3000 Toys, we have news that Jada is putting out 2 new 1/24 scale Transformers cars, both based on Live Action Bumblebee!

All age groups will make tracks to see Hot Wheels exhibit at COSI Columbus  The Columbus Dispatch

"Hot Wheels: Race to Win" makes its Columbus debut Saturday at COSI and will remain on display through Jan. 6. The exhibit allows families to learn about the ...

Here’s How Your Car Could Become a Die-Cast Model at HOT ROD Power Tour 2017  Hot Rod Network

Last year, 2016 HOT ROD Power Tour participants voted on the rides they most wanted to see become 1:64 die-cast cars.

Peter Monteverdi's incredible model car collection is up for sale  Classic Driver

In his lifetime, Peter Monteverdi not only created one of the most innovative automotive brands but also accumulated one of the largest collections of 1:43-scale ...

The Toy That Changed a Photographer's Life  Fstoppers

The little red toy car sat on a shelf, serving no purpose. It was inanimate, nothing more than the die-cast metal pieces of which it had been constructed.

Hot Wheels is Looking for the Best Custom Car in the United States to Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary  The News Wheel

Do you think your custom car is the coolest one out there? Well, now is your chance to prove it. Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th anniversary by traveling from ...

1938 Dodge school bus might be next Hot Wheels die-cast model  Kansas City Star

1938 Dodge school bus might become one of the Hot Wheels models. In celebration of its 50th anniversary. Hot Wheels stopped in Kansas City on Saturday in ...

32 fun and useful car gifts auto enthusiasts will love — according to a car collector  Business Insider

Car enthusiasts are extremely particular about their cars, so buying gifts for them can be tough. As a car enthusiast myself, here are the gifts I'd give to...

Diecast cars in 1:18 scale stage comeback  AutoWeek

Back when you couldn't walk into a suburban mall without seeing at least two Sharper Image stores across the hall from each other, located next to a duo of ...

‘Hot Wheels' turns 50: How much do you know about the famous toy cars?  KMSP-TV

On May 18, 2018, the famous “Hot Wheels” line of die-cast metal toy cars is turning 50 years old. Here are some amazing facts about one of the world's ...

LIfe-size jet car gets immortalized in 1:64 scale  Top Speed

Hot wheels rollicking 15-stop nationwide legends tour reached its climax at the 2018 sema auto show where luis rodriguez and his 2jetz open-wheel jet (...)

Amazing Miniature Scenes Shot with Model Cars, Forced Perspective and a $250 P&S  PetaPixel

Model maker/collector and photographer Michael Paul Smith is a master at recreating incredibly accurate outdoor scenes using his extensive die-cast model car ...

Petes Model Garage a hidden gem for local collectors

LAKEVILLE — Lakeville may be a small community, but it offers plenty of surprises. Here's an example. Right across the street from Lakeville's Ted Williams ...

Ten US commemorative stamps celebrate Hot Wheels' 50th anniversary  Linn's Stamp News

Hot Wheels cars are sold in hanging packaging in many retail stores. This 2018 model is the Mach Speeder pictured on one of the 10 commemorative stamps.

Repairing Die-Cast Parts  Hot Rod Network

Pot metal, white metal, die-cast zinc, monkey metal, call it what you like, these low-melting point metals have been used by automotive manufacturers for years, ...

These 2019 new car models are hitting dealerships now (or arriving soon)

We compiled a list of the new 2019 model year vehicles ... so far. Keep checking in, as we'll add new cars as they debut. Read more on

Hot Wheels toy cars 50th anniversary  CAR Magazine

Hot Wheels toys turn 50 ▻ We look at the cult toy cars ▻ Which is your favourite model? As Hot Wheels toy cars celebrate their golden anniversary, we take a ...

Malaise-era cars immortalized as awesome collectibles

Let's face it: The thrill of adding another bazillion-dollar supercar to your scale model collection faded in middle school. What your shelves need is some scale ...

Next Porsche 911 GT3 RS Leaked via Die-Cast Model Car – News  Car and Driver

Probably not turbocharged. Probably not equipped with a manual. Most likely a hellacious mofo of a car. Read more and see the toy leak at Car and Driver.

Volvo’s 2017 S90 flagship sedan leaks online as a die-cast model  Digital Trends

Volvo's all-new S90 sedan has been revealed far in advance thanks to pictures of a die-cast model.

Collectors celebrate 50 years of Hot Wheels  Joplin Globe

For a few minutes Tuesday, Jay McBee was a kid again. His beloved Red Baron was ripping up the living room racetrack, performing better than a lot of other ...

Don's Hobbies: a mix of old and new pleasures  Kenosha News

Nestled inside a former fire station from another era is a little shop of hobbies that is a mix of old and new pleasures. Don's Hobbies, 2219 73rd St., owned by ...

Manufacturer makes tiny cars, big profits | 2016-02-27  Indianapolis Business Journal

GreenLight Collectibles is selling tiny products in a market fraught with mammoth challenges. Still, the Indianapolis-based designer, maker and wholesaler of ...

Everyday American cars reproduced in 1:43 at last  AutoWeek

If you had given up all hope of finding a scale model of your family truckster from back in the day, NEO Scale Models may be able to help. Models of domestic ...

Spring Hill collectibles store packed with goodies

SPRING HILL — Beyond the door of a blink-and-you-missed-it little shop on the edge of Spring Hill's Four Corners, first-time customers are amazed at the ...

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For The Human Driver  The Drive

Editor-at-Large Alex Roy chooses everything from Legos to radar detectors to stabilized binoculars—to his own book.

You Can Still Buy a Brand New McLaren P1

Production of the McLaren P1 has come to an end. The British carmaker has built all 375 examples and will build no more. For everyone who is saddened by ...

New record confirmed for Lebanese model car collector on Guinness World Records Day  Guinness World Records

Nabil “Billy” Karam from Lebanon has the world's largest collection of model cars and largest collection of dioramas, as confirmed on #GWRday.

These are the best and cheapest 1:18 Ferraris you can buy  Autoweek

Quality models of cars don't have to cost four easy payments of $49.99. They also don't have to be offered with financing, like a refrigerator or that fancy ...

Volvo V90 wagon leaks in die-cast model form - Autoblog  Autoblog

The upcoming Volvo V90 wagon breaks cover in the form of a 1:43-scale die-cast model, giving us a good idea of what to expect from the new longroof.

The Ferrari from Ferris Bueller's Day Off Is Going to Auction  The Drive

Spoiler: The movie car was only a replica Ferrari, but we don't care, and we suspect you don't either.

BTTF DeLorean scale model is incredibly detailed (and expensive)

Back to the Future fans can now sign up to buy a 1:8 scale model of the iconic DeLorean time machine, but it costs an arm and a leg.

These are the best 1:18 scale Mercedes models you can buy  Autoweek

Mercedes-Benz cars aren't cheap -- that much is certain. You've got to pay to play, whether it's the real thing you're buying or a 1:18 scale model of your dream ...

12 Vintage Car Toys Now Worth Bucks  Popular Mechanics

Kids who were into cars, trucks, and motorcycles had plenty of cool toys to choose from in the 1970s and 1980s. These toys were well built and many moved ...

Model car collecting: an introduction to 1:64 scale - Autoblog  Autoblog

Model cars accompanied real cars early on in the history of automobiles. Released as children's toys, they soon became the focus of collectors of all ages.

Special Hot Wheels Trophy Commemorates 100th Indianapolis 500 in an Epic Way  The News Wheel

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, IndyCar fans are eagerly preparing for the big race in Indiana. This year's Indianapolis 500 marks the 100 anniversary ...

The fine art of automobile design  Roanoke Times

Only one 1960 Plymouth XNR was ever made. Named after Virgil Exner, at the time Chrysler's head of design, it was intended to be a competitor for the ...

Slot Cars Forever! Rediscovering the Fun of Miniature Racing with Auto World  Driving Line

Depending on your age there are likely any number of things that could have inspired a love of cars during your childhood years. Playing with Hot Wheels on the ...

2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS Hot Wheels Edition Review: Solid Muscle Car, Curious Option Package  The Drive

It's hard to quibble with the inherent qualities of the V-8-powered Camaro. The $4995 Hot Wheels package, on the other hand...

Wilmington man has huge model car collection  Hickory Daily Record

WILMINGTON, N.C. — It's like the great American cars of the 20th century all died and went to Roger Pridgen's house in Wilmington.

Legendary Big Oly Bronco Returns As Painstakingly Accurate Scale Model  Carscoops

With Ford bringing back the Bronco nameplate in 2020, there couldn't be a better time to add a new diecast model to your collection. Not any Bronco, mind you, ...

Car enthusiasts open drivers ed school in Old Lyme

For car enthusiasts Brent Thompson of Old Lyme and Christopher Robson of Hebron, who opened the driver education school, a passion for driving runs deep.

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