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Diecast Collectibles: The Collectors' Guide to Making a Profit

Millions of people have made a hobby of collecting items of one sort or another, but some take it to a higher level. These collectors view their collections as more than just an accumulation of trinkets that they happen to enjoy; to them, it's a business, and they're not in it to lose money. For those who collect diecast models, making a profit can be a challenge, unless you know the ropes of how to effectively collect pieces and then apply the necessary strategies to resell at an increased price.

It's a good practice to collect only those items that you truly like, and then do quite a bit of shopping around in order to find the best buy. Market trends are never very stable, and by collecting those pieces that particularly appeal to you, others may view them in the same way. This will enable you to resell them more easily. Certainly, it's never good business practice to buy the first piece that you find. Competition is stiff, and there are some great deals out there that you can use to your advantage.

Avoid specializing in one specific area of diecast collectibles. If, for instance, you're interested in collecting NASCAR models, it's best not to isolate your purchases to those of one particular driver. That's not to say that you shouldn't include them among your other pieces, but there's a need for diversity if you're hoping to eventually realize a profit. Although a piece may not seem to have much value in today's market, that doesn't mean that it won't increase as time goes by.

Older diecast models make a nice addition to anyone's collection, and can eventually precipitate a good amount of sales revenue. Don't overlook what you may now see as relics or outdated pieces. There's always someone out there who's looking for an older piece - whether for nostalgic reasons, to complete a collection or for the purposes of an eventual sale - so don't limit yourself by excluding the golden oldies.

Some of the best deals can be found in flea markets, on eBay and other auction sites. Not only can you find pieces for your own collection, but these will be eventual avenues for you to resell them at a later date. The highlight of the auction arena is that you can set a starting price and watch the bids increase your income potential - sometimes to a figure much higher than you would have imagined. Setting a reserve price helps, too, so that you won't lose a piece when someone comes in way under the piece's value.

Picking up models at local department stores, such as Wal-Mart, or through TV shopping forums such as QVC is usually a mistake. While these may have reasonable quality, they're usually not as well constructed as what you can find elsewhere, and tend to flood the market with certain pieces which they sell in high volume in an effort to gain a higher sales standing. Stick to the mainstream collection sites and you'll do much better.

Remember that you may not break the bank when you resell a piece, but with a good sense of timing and strong negotiation skills, you'll be able to realize some type of profit and, with a bit of experience, will increase your overall profit potential.

(c) 2005 Dale Stewart - All Rights Reserved

Dale Stewart is a freelance author and diecast enthusiast.

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