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Diecast Collectibles: The Collectors' Guide to Making a Profit

Millions of people have made a hobby of collecting items of one sort or another, but some take it to a higher level. These collectors view their collections as more than just an accumulation of trinkets that they happen to enjoy; to them, it's a business, and they're not in it to lose money. For those who collect diecast models, making a profit can be a challenge, unless you know the ropes of how to effectively collect pieces and then apply the necessary strategies to resell at an increased price.

It's a good practice to collect only those items that you truly like, and then do quite a bit of shopping around in order to find the best buy. Market trends are never very stable, and by collecting those pieces that particularly appeal to you, others may view them in the same way. This will enable you to resell them more easily. Certainly, it's never good business practice to buy the first piece that you find. Competition is stiff, and there are some great deals out there that you can use to your advantage.

Avoid specializing in one specific area of diecast collectibles. If, for instance, you're interested in collecting NASCAR models, it's best not to isolate your purchases to those of one particular driver. That's not to say that you shouldn't include them among your other pieces, but there's a need for diversity if you're hoping to eventually realize a profit. Although a piece may not seem to have much value in today's market, that doesn't mean that it won't increase as time goes by.

Older diecast models make a nice addition to anyone's collection, and can eventually precipitate a good amount of sales revenue. Don't overlook what you may now see as relics or outdated pieces. There's always someone out there who's looking for an older piece - whether for nostalgic reasons, to complete a collection or for the purposes of an eventual sale - so don't limit yourself by excluding the golden oldies.

Some of the best deals can be found in flea markets, on eBay and other auction sites. Not only can you find pieces for your own collection, but these will be eventual avenues for you to resell them at a later date. The highlight of the auction arena is that you can set a starting price and watch the bids increase your income potential - sometimes to a figure much higher than you would have imagined. Setting a reserve price helps, too, so that you won't lose a piece when someone comes in way under the piece's value.

Picking up models at local department stores, such as Wal-Mart, or through TV shopping forums such as QVC is usually a mistake. While these may have reasonable quality, they're usually not as well constructed as what you can find elsewhere, and tend to flood the market with certain pieces which they sell in high volume in an effort to gain a higher sales standing. Stick to the mainstream collection sites and you'll do much better.

Remember that you may not break the bank when you resell a piece, but with a good sense of timing and strong negotiation skills, you'll be able to realize some type of profit and, with a bit of experience, will increase your overall profit potential.

(c) 2005 Dale Stewart - All Rights Reserved

Dale Stewart is a freelance author and diecast enthusiast.

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Hot Wheels Legends Tour: Custom Roadster Takes Home Win in Detroit  Motor Trend

An elegant roadster, 15 years in the making and a composite of an amazing array of ideas and parts, was competing with a rat rod slathered in skulls and ...

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With model cars, real-life backgrounds, and some deft Photoshop, photographer Matthew Porter conjures the visual excitement of classic car-chase cinema.

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Hot Wheels have been a fixture of play for more than 50 years. But the die-cast cars have, despite their many upgrades and tracks and play sets, always had a ...

In Photos: The Hottest Customs in Motown  Automobile

The Hot Wheels Legends Tour muscles its way in to the Motor City, bringing out the very best custom cars Detroit has to offer.

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Hot Wheels cars and trucks have been around for 50 years. In that time, a number of collectible models have released. Here are the ten rarest and most ...

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Hot Wheels has become a go-to toy car brand for over 50 years, but this month its miniature rides are getting a digital makeover. The company announced Hot ...

Mario Kart Hot Wheels cars and tracks are coming this summer  SlashGear

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has proven to be one of the most popular games on the Switch, and indeed, it's rare to see a Nintendo console without a Mario Kart game of.

Mattel Launches Hot Wheels Mario Kart Cars to Drive Sales (Revised)  Yahoo Finance

Mattel, Inc. MAT and Nintendo NTDOY are entering a partnership, where they are globally launching a new line of Hot Wheels Mario Kart die-cast vehicles and ...

A Bug's Life: Remembering The Classic Volkswagen Beetle  NPR

The last Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the assembly line in Mexico this week. We remember the beloved automotive icon with stories from our listeners.

Tesla launches cheapest Model 3 yet: a $250 diecast version  Electrek

Tesla is launching today its cheapest Model 3 yet – though you can't drive it nor fit in it because it's a 1:18 scale diecast version, but it's only $250!

Licence to create: Get your James Bond car  Fortune India

The LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 is a lot of hard work to create and is expensive, but if you're a fan its worth the effort and cost.

The Super Models: The Bizarre And Exclusive World Of $20,000 Toy Cars  Forbes

Inside Amalgam Collection, the world's largest miniature car factory.

Nascar Used Instagram’s Shopping Sticker to Drive Its New Line of Funko Pop Figurines  Adweek

Nascar has been hitting the gas on Instagram's shopping sticker, and its social crew likes the results so far. Amanda Lordy, managing director of social *content* ...

Sandy Erdman: Get in the race with collectible model cars

With this weekend the first in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series of races, many racing fans are avid collectors of NASCAR die-cast cars and model car ...

Top 6 Best cars of 2018 Reviews! What are the best cars of 2018 to buy in 2019  NewsNifty

When it comes to selecting between the best cars of 2018 brands, things can be confusing. The top brands and its reputation does make an impact on the ...

The 2JetZ Hot Rod is Immortalized in Hot Wheels Culture! | Video

Very recently, we were able to cruise over to California to visit Hot Wheels HQ in El Segundo to witness how a full sized whip is converted into a 1:64th scale toy ...

BMW Is Playing It Safe With Electric Cars, and Its Development Chief Makes No Apologies For That  Jalopnik

BMW's CEO Harald Krüger is stepping down from his job after just four years, in part for coming under fire for the company's slow transition to electric vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz unveils 1:18-scale model transporter  The Journal

Die-cast models in a 1:18 scale are popular collectibles, plus they cost less and take up a lot less space than the actual vehicles. And now Mercedes-Benz has ...

Notes: Road America race delivers 1.1 million viewers on NBC  INDYCAR

NBC Sports broadcast its most-watched Indy car race outside the Indianapolis 500 with Sunday's REV Group Grand Prix presented by AMR, according to ...

Moving / Downsizing Sale on Country Club Drive this week

The Derr's dba Perfect2Perfect will be having a moving downsizing sale at 829 Country Club Drive in Loyalsock (Map Link). The sale will be held on Thursday, ...

Toyman Toy Show in St. Louis This Sunday with Actor Jeremy Miller from 'Growing Pains' and Wrestler/Actress Lindsay Kay Hayward  We Are Movie Geeks

The Toyman Toy Show in St. Louis has been going strong for almost 30 years now and just keeps getting bigger and better! The fun now takes place nine times ...

Car show cruising downtown

Vintage and classic cars and trucks will be showcased downtown during the BIA's annual Car Show July 20.

50 Ecommerce Suppliers for Your Online Store  Small Business Trends

If you're interested in starting an online store, finding a supplier is one of the first steps to take. Here are 50 ecommerce suppliers to consider.

In Photos: The Wild Cars at Hot Wheels Legends Tour Philadelphia  Automobile

We took a trip across the country to Philadelphia for the latest stop on this year's Hot Wheels Legends Tour. For those unfamiliar, the Legends Tour is a series of ...

After the Watts riots, Big Willie Robinson sees an opportunity  Los Angeles Times

The five-year period after the Watts riots of 1965 would become the most crucial stretch of Big Willie Robinson's entire life.

The Best Japanese Cars Through Decades  AutoWise

Japanese auto industry had blessed us with numerous exciting and cool cars over the years. Here are the best Japanese cars of each decade since 1960s.

BASF Supporting Autonomous Driving With Range of High-performance Plastics  Printed Electronics Now Magazine

BASF offers radar-optimized plastics used for radar transmission and absorption that increase the accuracy of the radar sensors.

Americana in True 1:64 Scale: The Fun of Die-Cast Collecting with Auto World  Driving Line

True to 1:64 scale die-cast muscle cars from Auto World.

Storage Cases: How to Store Your Diecast Cars  Driving Line

Looking for an inexpensive and simple way to display your loose diecast cars? Take a look at this.

Add 50 Matchbox cars to your collection for $30 at Amazon (Reg. $40)  9to5Toys

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest deals and more. Sign-up for our newsletters and have our best offers delivered to your inbox daily. Amazon offers a ...

Extremely Cool Tesla Gear We're Drooling Over  Inverse

You bought the car! Or maybe you just want to buy the car. Either way, you need the merch! Wear it. Drink from it. Play with it. This is a very cool piece of ...

Hot Wheels' latest die-cast is a Roborace autonomous race car  CNET

The autonomous Robocar is now available at 1:64 scale.

Gianficaro: A father racing to turn back time  Bucks County Courier Times

A found toy car drives a father back to memories of his young son.

How ‘Toy Story 4’ and Pixar keep Don Rickles’ legacy alive two years after his death  Los Angeles Times

Don Rickles, the longtime "Toy Story" voice of Mr. Potato Head, returns in the fourth film, thanks to over two decades' worth of archived recording sessions.

Why the Latest Matchbox Cars Are Cooler Than Ever  Driving Line

From Jeeps and VWs to station wagons and rally cars, you might want to check out the toy aisle the next time you're at the store.

Hot Wheels ID Review: The Future of Diecast Cars Is Super Cool  Automobile

Hot Wheels is courting the next generation of enthusiasts by bringing smartphone-compatible modern tech to the classic diecast toy car.

Today in 'Model Cars That Cost More Than a Year of College Tuition': The $14,689 Porsche 919 Hybrid  Jalopnik

The holidays are coming up, in case your Twitter timeline half filled with people wanting to get ~*spooky*~ and the other half posting Christmas emojis hasn't ...

Hot Wheels uses fan's custom car for next die-cast model  Nerd Reactor

For the last 50 years, Hot Wheels has been providing collectors with some of the coolest and most unique diecast cars we've seen. To celebrate its half-century ...

CHINA DIE CASTING Focusses on High-End Die Casting Manufacturing Technology  SPOTLIGHTMETAL

In order to keep pace with the strong growth of die cast structural components, this year's CHINA DIE CASTING and CHINA NONFERROUS will focus on ...

Tesla Semi Truck Diecast Model Will Make Your Trucking Dreams Come True for $250  The Drive

Interested in buying a Tesla Semi but have absolutely no use for a truck that big? Tesla has you covered. A new diecast model has been added to the electric ...

These Wooden Diecast Cars Would Make The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

These hand-crafted, completely adorable CandyLab diecast cars come in six different flavors and start at just $6.

8 Awesome Model Car Builds from NNL West  Driving Line

Picking favorites wasn't easy, but here's eight examples of next level model-building talent.

Check Out The New Roborace Diecast Hot Wheels Car

Hot Wheels has officially announced a new partnership with Roborace, which led to brand-new Robocar compliments of the toy maker.

How Mattel Shrinks Cars Into Hot Wheels (Crash Test Included)  WIRED

Before a Hot Wheels car hits a store shelf, it must pass the "launcher on speed 2" test, and the "side slam launcher" test, among others.

Show Us Your Favorite Scale Model Cars  Jalopnik

A good portion of car-enthusiastic folks are serial collectors, myself included. I have collections of car literature, automotive-themed toys and games, and the ...

The Best Toy Cars for Kids of All Ages  Fatherly

No matter what your kid is into, there exists a toy car that they'll absolutely love. Here are 13 of the best options on the market.

Tesla Model 3 in stores — toy stores, as new Hot Wheels release  Electrek

You can go out and buy a Tesla Model 3 now for about $1 or so, as long as you don't mind it fitting in the palm of your hand. Hot Wheels has released its toy ...

Road & Track Amalgam 1:18 Model Car Collection - Amalgam Model Car Holiday Sale

A passion for great cars and meticulous attention to detail are just two of the many shared values that have brought together Road & Track and Amalgam ...

How To Enjoy Toy Cars As An Adult  Jalopnik

One of the great things about having kids, I'm told, is that you get an excuse to buy all the cool toy cars you miss from your own childhood. That's fine and nice, ...

Fan's hot rod to become Hot Wheels diecast model  Motor Authority

Hot Wheels representatives have traveled the United States as part of the company's Hot Wheels Legends Tour to celebrate the toy cars' 50th anniversary.

CandyLab Toys is rethinking the diecast car with ... wood - Autoblog  Autoblog

The market for toy cars has never been bigger, more impressive, more diverse, or more accessible. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and range from ...

When is the new James Bond film released? What's the title, who is in the cast, and is it Daniel Craig’s last movie as 007?  Radio Times

Everything you need to know about Bond 25 from release date to cast, locations to possible titles after repeated delays.

First Tesla Semi Truck Diecast Model Gets Delivered: Unboxing

Are you still a kid at heart? If so, you may like diecast car replicas. Check out some Tesla toys, as well as the unboxing of the all-new Tesla Semi model.

Mario Kart And Hot Wheels Come Together For These Awesome Track Sets  GameSpot

Mario Kart 8 is a ton of fun, and there is no denying that. And it may have been quite some time since I've played with a Hot Wheels track, but I remember those ...

The Fine Art Of Restoring Matchbox Cars  Hackaday

Did you have anything planned for the next hour or so? No? That's good because if you're anything like us, watching even one of the restorations performed on ...

Mercedes-Benz Actros Car Transporter Looks Rad in 1:18 Scale  Motor Trend

Finally, a hauler for all our Mercedes-Benz models! The automaker has just announced this very cool, 1:18-scale car transporter, which combines a Euro-spec ...

“The Dead Don’t Die,” Reviewed: Jim Jarmusch’s Fiercely Political Zombie Comedy  The New Yorker

Richard Brody reviews Jim Jarmusch's “The Dead Don't Die,” a zombie film which stars Bill Murray, Adam Driver, and Selena Gomez and borrows a small but ...

MAHLE Aftermarket Launches Video Series Documenting Petty's Garage Build Of Dodge Challenger  Underhood Service

The first in a series of videos has been posted to the MAHLE Aftermarket North America YouTube Channel documenting the custom build of an 1,100-HP Dodge ...

Mercedes-Benz, Matchbox create toy car to shatter stereotypes, inspire girls - Autoblog  Autoblog

Mercedes-Benz and Matchbox teamed up to create a die-cast car to give away to fight gender stereotypes. It's based on the Mercedes-Benz 220SE used by Ewy ...

When GM Turned Die Cast Toy Car Design Into Reality

In 2002, the 35th Anniversary Edition Camaro SS and Collectors' Edition Trans Am put an overdue end to the nineties. With more plastic and stripes.

'Starman' aboard: Hot Wheels toy features SpaceX spacesuited driver

There's a Starman waiting in the sky, and now in stores, too. Mattel has released a new Hot Wheels toy model of Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster that launched atop ...

Best Hot Wheels Cars  Fatherly

Hot Wheels were inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2011, a testament not just to their longevity but to how much kids, even those bombarded with screens ...

These Vintage Hot Wheels Toys Are Worth Thousands of Dollars  History

How does a mass-produced die-cast toy car that originally sold for less than a dollar—and fits in a small child's hand—become a valued collectible trading for ...

Hot Wheels Is Remaking the Original Fast & Furious Cars in Rad Diecast Collection  The Drive

For most 20-something-year-old car buffs, one of the earliest memories of cars on the big screen that we hold is our first viewing of the ironically iconic, The Fast ...

20 Toy Race Cars From Our Childhood Worth A Fortune Today  HotCars

Dear readers, your collective jaws will snap open in shock when you learn what some of these toy cars currently go for.

This McLaren 600LT Costs Just $85, But There’s A Catch  Motor1 UK

Automotive enthusiasm bleeds beyond the garage. Video games, movies and TV, and toys offer ways to experience cars and car culture outside the driver's seat ...

How Hot Wheels Designs Its Toy Cars  Automobile

It must be the easiest job in the world, right? Manufacturers send 3-D renderings of production cars to the Mattel Design Center then artists scale it down from 1:1 ...

This Guy Has a Collection of Over 30,000 Diecast Model Cars

How many Hot Wheels cars did you have as a kid?

This Tiny 18-Karat Gold Ford GT Model Car Will Only Cost You About $40,000  Jalopnik

I love car collectables. I have diecast race cars all over my office, and I once found this $50 clock shaped like a steering wheel on clearance for $11. I brag about ...

Most sold NASCAR die-cast cars of 2018  Racing News

Most sold NASCAR die-cast cars of 2018. Top 10 list of the most popular NASCAR die-casts for the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season.

Real Cars Compete to Become the Next Top Model at the Hot Wheels Legends Tour  Robb Report

If you were into cars as a youngster, chances are you had many Hot Wheels models in your possession. The biggest name in automotive toys was likely ...

These Insanely Real Model Cars Are Like Hot Wheels for Adults  Thrillist

You don't have to be a full-fledged car nut to like model cars. After all, the lifelong relationship with all things automotive begins with that first 99-cent Hot Wheels ...

Indulge Your Trucking Fantasies With This 1:18 Scale Mercedes-Benz Actros Car Hauler  The Drive

Mercedes-Benz announced a partnership with scale model builder NZG to release a 1:18 scale recreation of its Actros car transporter. The tiny tractor was ...

A Scaleback in Die-Cast Cars  New York Times

The decision by the Danbury Mint last month to stop selling die-cast model cars was symptomatic of a more serious shrinkage in a market where the vehicles are ...

People Who Own Any Of These 25 Classic Hot Wheels Cars Could Be Sitting On A Fortune  HotCars

Shout out to the 40 and above club! Remember that little diecast toy you used to play around with? Most of them didn't cost much when they were brand new but ...

The backstory of Hot Wheels, the most popular toy 50 years ago  Marketplace APM

Once a month, Tom Wilson transforms a 4,000 square foot banquet hall in southeast Orlando into the Central Florida Diecast Collectors Show. Inside, the ...

Toyota AE86 Trueno backpack is definitely cool for school

Die cast manufacturer Welly now has an AE86 backpack for young Initial D fans.

Ex-Nurse Farah Trades Job For Business In Model Cars  Star2

What is it about collectable model cars that caught the attention of former nurse Farah Nadiyah Shamsudin, who turned her hobby into a job that she's ...

MAHLE Aftermarket's 'Drive with the Original' Promotion 2019  Engine Builder

MAHLE Aftermarket Launches Video Series Documenting Petty's Garage Build of Dodge Challenger, Grand Prize in 2019 “Drive with the Original” Promotion.

You Can Buy This Rare 1993 Buick Roadmaster Estate 1/25 Scale Model for $1000  The Drive

Are you a diehard B-Platform Buick Roadmaster wagon fan? You're in luck, because an incredibly rare, resin diecast model of a 1993 Buick Roadmaster Estate ...

This Guy’s Custom ‘Jet’ Car Will Become Hot Wheels’ Latest Die-Cast Model  Carscoops

Hot Wheels celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this year and part of the celebrations included a search for a customized car that would become immortalized ...

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Die Hard Die-Cast Car Collectors  Jalopnik

Toy cars—they're not just for kids anymore! At least that's what I keep telling my girlfriend in a campaign to replace her family photos with this sweet Hot Wheels ...

20 Remote Control Cars That Are Worth More Than Real Cars  HotCars

The best remote control cars can cost more than real cars – as you can see from the expensive, hi-tech, not-to-be-played-with toys on this list!

The first 'Rocket League' Hot Wheels car arrives this month  Engadget

Want a tangible sign of your devotion to Rocket League, but would rather not drop $180 on an RC car kit or even several dollars on a Pull-Back Racer?

New Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster toy celebrates SpaceX-launched car

Eight months after SpaceX launched a Tesla Roadster into space, the sports car can now be found 170 million miles away from Earth -- and on local toy store ...

Watch Us Unbox CandyLab's Adorable Toy Cars

We unbox one of our favorite car toys of 2018: All six of Candylab's adorable wooden diecast Candycars.

What a Collection of 1000-Plus Die-Cast Cars Looks Like  Popular Mechanics

What do you do when your obsession with model cars starts to take over your house? You build them a room of their own.

Tesla comes out with extra-low budget Model 3

It has been long expected, the most economy of Tesla electric cars to date. And while the Californians have hurried (sort of) to make good on their promise, ...

Hot Wheels seeking a design for next die-cast car

The Legends Tour is traveling the country in celebration of new vehicle designs.

15 Crazy Hot Wheels Toys Worth As Much As A Real Car  HotCars

You may have some Hot Wheels cars sitting in your basement that could be worth a small fortune.

Fascinating New Hot Wheels Book Chronicles Toy Cars' 50-Year History  The News Wheel

Review of Motorbooks' "Hot Wheels: From 0 to 50 at 1:64 Scale," a coffee table book chronicling the die cast toy cars' history and 50th anniversary.

Tesla Model 3 first-day reservations to get scale-model gift?  CNET

If you ordered Elon Musk's make-or-break EV on day one, you may be in for a Mini-Me-sized treat.

First look at Tesla’s “something special” diecast replica to Model 3 line-waiters  Teslarati

The first images of Tesla's “something special” gift for early Model 3 reservation holders have emerged online, seemingly confirming rumors that Tesla is giving ...

Roborace has its own Hot Wheels car now - Autoblog  Autoblog

Hot Wheels is getting in on the autonomous action with a toy Roborace car.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Model Subscription Is Coming This Fall /Film  /FILM

There's an awesome Ghostbusters Ecto-1 model subscription coming this fall that will let you build a 1:8 scale replica of the famous movie vehicle.

Brad Keselowski Gear, Brad Keselowski Diecasts, Store, Brad Keselowski Pro Shop, Apparel  NASCAR

Here at the official NASCAR Shop, we have all the best Brad Keselowski apparel and gear for every NASCAR fan. Browse our great selection of official Brad ...

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Available as Exclusive Diecast from Acme Trading  Hot Rod Network

Acme trading has long been a favorite of Ford diecast collectible fans and its latest, the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt, will not disappoint.

Global Automotive Diecast Scale Model Market 2016-2021: Drivers and Forecasts by Technavio  Business Wire

Technavio market research analysts forecast the global automotive diecast scale model market to grow at a CAGR of more than 5% during the forecast per.

2020 Ford Mustang Performance Package - More Capability for the 2.3-Liter Base Model  Car and Driver

The new high-performance package for the 2020 Mustang supersedes the old Performance Pack and tweaks the base model with the EcoBoost 2.3-liter ...

Buy one for yourself or make a gift out of it  Top Speed

Japanese clothing brand bape joined forces with german toymaker schuco to launch a very special die-cast mercedes-benz g-class that would turn your (...)

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