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 Top 10 Tips

7 Reasons You Want Referral Business and How to Get Them

Studies have proven that there is one reason why people don't do more referral business: they don't ask. There are two reasons why, they forget or they don't have a strong enough relationship with their clients, so they don't feel comfortable The truth is every professional should strive to have all of their business be referral because the benefits of referral business are undeniable and extensive.

Top 10 Ways Websites Makes Me Suffer

I believe some people create and publish websites for the sole purpose of tormenting their visitors. Browsing various websites and navigating the Web can often be like trying to read on an airplane while a kid kicks the back of your seat and the baby next to you alternates between screaming, crying and drooling on you.

Business Profitability - 10 Ways To Boost

10 Ways to Boost your Profitability: So many business owners work hard - really hard - just to break even or keep afloat. Each one of us deserves reward for our efforts, whether that be financial or personal.

Wealth Building Scams

I have some good news and I have some bad news. First the good news.

Seven Questions to Improve Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Seven Questions to Improve Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life One of the most powerful tools we have as humans is our ability to ask questions.  The more adept we are at asking them (and waiting for and listening to the answers), the more effective we will be.

Ten Ways to Strengthen Your Reading Habit

Most people wish they read more.  It is an activity that is both fun and enlightening.

Ten Tips for Cross Cultural Communication

Here are some simple tips to help you improve your cross cultural communication skills: Slow Down Even when English is the common language in a cross cultural situation, this does not mean you should speak at normal speed. Slow down, speak clearly and ensure your pronunciation is intelligible.

7 Reasons Why Training Doesn't Produce the Desired Results and What You Can Do To

Seven Reasons Why Training Doesn't Produce the Desired Results and What You Can Do To Improve Your Results Overview Abraham Maslow said, "If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."  As managers, leaders and change agents, we want to improve our organizational performance.

Your Leadership Shopping List

'Tis the season to give. And finding the right gift to give the people on your team can be challenging.

Top Seven Reasons to Publicize your Business with Articles

Do you want to be #1-10 on Google and other search engines? Do you want quadruple your Web sales in five months? Promote your business to the top with these 7 reasons to write and submit how-to articles. 1.

Top Ten Tips for Online Publishing Success

Use the checklist below to make sure your article, tip, or book excerpt will get published and make you a household name on the Internet. 1.

Top Ten Things to Do to Make your Signature File Sell

Always include a powerful signature on every email you send out, even to friends. It's even more important when you send out articles to opt-in ezines (no spam) and top web sites in your field--more important than your article's message.

The Top Ten Ways to Attract Buyers, Not Just Visitors to your Web Site

Have you put a lot of effort, time, and money into your site and are frustrated with low sales? If you are like many professionals out there, you know your subject; you are excellent at your craft. You have a great service and maybe a great product to sell.

Plan Your Success In Seven Ways

Many businesses lose money yearly because they don't think creatively about the future.  They run their businesses doing what they think they should: dealing with customers, dealing with problems, ordering for their business, and paying their expenses.

Want a Web Site that Turns Lookers into Buyers? Seven Passion Copywriting Tips

Web Site Blues? Need one, don't know where to start? Got one, but aren't getting enough sales? If you need a Web site soon you may be wondering where to start and who to trust. All Web masters are not equal.

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Home remedies: How to treat, and prevent, swimmer's itch  Medical Xpress

Swimmer's itch is an itchy rash that can occur after swimming or wading outdoors. Also known as cercarial dermatitis, swimmer's itch is most common in ...

7 home remedies for quick relief from gum pain  Medical News Today

From tea bags to cold compresses, many home remedies can quickly relieve mild-to-moderate gum pain. Learn about these methods, and when to see a dentist, ...

Home remedies for chickenpox: How to get quick relief  Medical News Today

There is no cure for chickenpox, but the infection usually clears up without treatment within a couple of weeks. In the meantime, people can use home remedies ...

Dark lips: Causes and 5 natural remedies  Medical News Today

Lip color varies from person to person. The lips can become darker for various reasons, and people can use home remedies to care for their lips. Learn about ...

Busted lip: 9 treatments and home remedies  Medical News Today

A busted lip is a common occurrence. We look at nine treatments and remedies that people can use at home to help heal a busted lip. We also explain when to ...

Stomach burning: Causes, treatments, and home remedies  Medical News Today

There are many possible causes of stomach burning, including indigestion, ulcers, and food intolerances. Learn more about the causes and treatments of ...

Home remedies for kidney infection: Safety and effectiveness  Medical News Today

Kidney infections will usually require treatment with antibiotics. Home remedies on their own cannot treat a kidney infection, but some may help relieve ...

Natural home remedies for bad breath  Medical News Today

Home remedies for bad breath include green tea, herbal rinses, and water. People should see a doctor if their breath does not improve. Learn more about home ...

Chest infections: Symptoms, treatments, and home remedies  Medical News Today

There are several types of chest infections, including bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment options in this ...

Swollen gums: Causes, treatments, and home remedies  Medical News Today

Swollen gums can occur due to gingivitis, pregnancy, and infection. Treatment typically depends on the cause, and good oral hygiene can prevent them.

Home remedies for pigmentation  Medical News Today

Pigmentation, or discoloration of the skin, can respond to home remedies, including the application of aloe vera and apple cider vinegar. Learn more here.

Home remedies for eyestrain and discomfort  Duluth News Tribune

Eyestrain occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use, such as while driving long distances or staring at computer screens and other digital devices.

How to stop or manage heavy periods: Treatment and home remedies  Medical News Today

A range of home remedies can help reduce heavy periods. When the bleeding is severe, doctors may also recommend medication or surgery. Learn more here.

Your Health: Home remedies for ringworm  Shawnee Mission Post

If you see a red, ring-shaped patch on you or your child's skin, be careful. Ringworm is a highly contagious skin infection caused by mold that lives on the dead ...

10 Natural Remedies for Sore Throat — How to Cure a Sore Throat Fast

Cure a sore throat without a trip to the drugstore. There are plenty of natural treatments out there — and you probably have many in your kitchen already.

How to get rid of corns at home: Remedies and prevention  Medical News Today

Ways to get rid of corns include removing sources of friction and filing down the corn. Medical treatments can also help. Learn more here.

Home Remedies — short stories full of urgency and understanding  Financial Times

Xuan Juliana Wang homes in on the yearnings of China's immigrants and millennials.

How to Get Rid of Cramps: 10 Proven Home Remedies  Healthline

Period cramps are very common, but sometimes they can interfere with your daily life. Fortunately, many home remedies and self-care measures can help ease ...

Home Remedies for Toothaches  Trinidad Guardian

There are times when you can ignore a little flash of pain in a tooth, and there are times when a tooth demands your attention by making you wince in pain.

Wonderful Chaos: On “Home Remedies: Stories” by Xuan Juliana Wang  lareviewofbooks

HOME REMEDIES: STORIES is a debut short story collection by author Xuan Juliana Wang, whose voice in prose turns on the subtleties and insights of poetry, ...

12 Best Natural Remedies For A Cough, According to Doctors  Women's Health

These 12 natural cough remedies, including honey, marshmallow root, and ginger, can ease dry coughs and mucus coughs from the cold, flu, and allergies.

Home Remedies For Acne: Try These Kitchen Ingredients To Fight Acne; Know Ways To Use  NDTV News

Home remedies for acne can help you deal with it naturally. Some simple kitchen ingredients can help you fight acne in no time. Read here to know benefits of ...

Singing Gardener: What home remedies have you tried and what has worked or not worked for you?  Grainews

My plum trees did me proud this year while in full bloom with hundreds of blossoms (see photo at top). There were so many flowers the trees couldn't.

How to get rid of a blister: 5 natural home remedies  Medical News Today

It is possible to help a blister heal by applying lemon balm, coconut oil, or aloe vera to it. Prevention is also possible. Learn more here.

Itchy pubic hair: Causes, home remedies, and prevention  Medical News Today

Itchy pubic hair can occur due to a sexually transmitted infection, irritation from shaving, or certain skin conditions. Treatment depends on the cause. Learn more ...

So You Have A UTI. Here’s What To Do Next  Refinery29

So, you have a urinary tract infection. You're not alone. UTIs account for almost 25% of all bacterial infections in women, and 50-60% will have at least one UTI ...

Is lemon water really good for acidity? How to use this home remedy to reduce acid reflux symptoms  Times Now

There are many home remedies that can help treat acidity, in fact, many people claimed that lemon water can be beneficial for reducing acid reflux symptoms.

Gum boils: What they are and how to treat them  Medical News Today

Gum boils are swollen, pus-filled bumps on the gums. Treatment involves medication and dental procedures, while home remedies may reduce discomfort.

10 old home remedies EVERY Irish household has tried  Ireland Before You Die

From flat 7 Up and dock leaves to hot water bottles to hot toddies, here are 10 old Irish home remedies that you have to try at home!

Home remedies to remove blemishes on your face  Times of India

Blemishes on the skin due to exposure to the sun is a common problem for people with sensitive skin. However, there are home remedies that you can help you ...

Suffering from skin rashes? THESE home remedies will help you to cure it  PINKVILLA

Skin rashes makes your skin all red and itchy. If you want to get rid of those rashes then you have to try these home remedies now. These natural remedies will ...

Celebrity Dermatologist, Dr Jaishree shares her favourite home remedies for glowing skin; Check it out  PINKVILLA

Easy and effective, home remedies are the best way to achieve glowing skin. So, we asked Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr Jaishree for some ...

Pimple on the finger: Causes and treatment  Medical News Today

Many things can cause a pimple-like bump to develop on the finger, such as a wart or atopic dermatitis. Treatment depends on the cause. Learn more about ...

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening: Does it work and is it safe?  Medical News Today

Hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient in many at-home and commercial teeth whitening solutions. Learn more about how it works and the safety ...

Period won't stop: 12 reasons why and how to treat it  Medical News Today

Although having a long period occasionally is not often a cause for concern, having them frequently or feeling that a period won't stop may indicate an ...

MITCHELL: All were not well this summer | Columns  Richmond Register

My family doesn't go overboard on counting calories. Carbs. Or steps. But we do take our health seriously. One quick and easy item on our ...

Five Effective Home Remedies To Treat Hair Fall  Pragativadi

Here are five natural ingredients that can help you to control hair fall –. Onion Juice: Cut a few slices of onion and extract the juice either by mashing or grating it.

5 home remedies for dry cough you can try instead of a cough syrup  Times Now

Dry cough is very common in the monsoon season, and cough syrups can have some common side effects like drowsiness. Here are some home remedies that ...

Monsoon adding to your frizzy hair woes? These 5 home remedies will help you out  Hindustan Times

Frizzy hair is a reality of the rainy season. Here we tell you how you can solve this seasonal problem.

5 natural homeopathic remedies for toothache  Times of India

Toothache is something that cannot be ignored. Even if you try hard to do so, the unbearable pain won't let you live peacefully. The condition does not only make ...

Effective remedies to ward off the deadly bite

Dengue is the culprit of all culprits. It has turned into such a menace when it caused the deaths of 622 Filipinos this year. In fact, the Philippines recorded the ...

New center to address health disparities in inland Southern California  EurekAlert

The University of California, Riverside, has received a grant of $16 million from the National Institutes of Health, or NIH, to focus on and help reduce health ...

Bleeding hemorrhoids: Symptoms, treatment, and when to see a doctor  Medical News Today

A person can sometimes treat bleeding hemorrhoids at home. At other times, hemorrhoids may require specialist treatment or surgery. Learn more about the ...

Easy and effective home remedies for skin lightening  PINKVILLA

Listed below are easy and effective face masks which will help in skin lightening.

Hot air, cold air, combs: battling lice is a $1.9 billion business  Star Tribune

Whether you kill them with hot or cold air, attack them with chemicals or natural remedies, or meticulously comb them out live, lice infesting a child's head are a ...

5 easy home remedies to prevent painful shoe bites  News Nation

A shoe bite is a blister on the foot caused by repeated rubbing of shoes against your feet.

Kids Getting Viral, try these home remedies to cure viral fever  News Track English

In the rainy season, everyone falls ill with the infection. It spreads the infection to children quickly. The chances of going viral in the rain are high. Viral fever is ...

home remedies for clean face Archives  Daily Hawker

Women always tend to keep their skincare routine at first priority. They always like to keep their skin *fresh*, spot-free, and clean. Well! The men. acno fight face ...

Acne: Types, Causes And Simple Home Remedies That Always Work  Doctor NDTV

Acne: You might think that scrubbing your skin daily might help in the removal of dead skin and pimple bumps, whereas, the practice of exfoliating your skin ...

What causes rectal pain? Other symptoms and pain relief  Medical News Today

Many factors can cause rectal pain. This article looks at the causes of pain around the rectum, the symptoms, and ways to relieve it at home.

If you feel nausea during pregnancy; then use these home remedies!  News Track English

The problem of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is often seen. Most women have these problems that cause them to suffer. At times, women do not feel ...

Susan A. Johnson of East Alton Obituary

Susan Ann Johnson, 76, passed away Monday, August 19, 2019, at her home. Born Oct. 14, 1942, in Alton, she was one of 18 children of Oscar and Cora Mae ...

6 best home remedies for lice  Medical News Today

Research into whether home remedies can eliminate lice is ongoing. Here, learn what the current evidence says, when to seek medical treatment, and how to ...

Nausea from birth control: Causes, remedies, and prevention  Medical News Today

Nausea is a common side effect of many forms of birth control. It often goes away over time, but a person can take steps to reduce or eliminate it. Learn more ...

Six effective home remedies to manage cholesterol naturally  NewsBytes

High cholesterol is one of the major causes of heart disease. Notably, your cholesterol levels basically depend on your diet. A healthy diet and lifestyle is all you ...

10 Recipes for the Best Home Remedies to Fight Germs and Make You Feel Better  Parade

Home Remedies are natural ways to help stay healthy or get better when you are sick. These home remedy recipes include ingredients you can find in your ...

Effective Home Remedies For Reducing Body Odor  News Track English

Apart from the beauty, you also have to pay attention to the fact that your body does not smell. You can do well, but if your body smells bad, your look can all get ...

11 effective home remedies for arthritis  Medical News Today

Arthritis is the term for a group of conditions that cause joint inflammation and pain. Although medical treatments can help, some home remedies and lifestyle ...

The best home remedies for cold and flu  Medical News Today

Viruses are responsible for colds and flu, so antibiotics are not able to cure or prevent these illnesses. Plenty of rest, fluids, and home remedies can help relieve ...

New TV show is looking for Britain's loudest snorers... and here’s how you can sign your partner up  Heart

If you know someone who's snoring is louder than a lion's roar, we may have the solution - a production company is looking for this countries loudest sleepers.

Healing, soothing effects of cloves | The Post  Independent Online

This aromatic unopened dried flower bud has the name “clove”, which is derived from the Latin word clavus – meaning nail ...

Home remedies and natural treatments for gout  Medical News Today

Gout is a type of arthritis that causes painful symptoms. There is no cure for gout, but people can manage the condition with medication and home remedies.

Advice from the NHS on how to treat Wasp Stings  The Bangor Aye

The North West Community Ambulance *Service* have shared advice from the NHS who are dealing with more wasp stings this year and this weekend is ...

Dengue virus is rampant  Deccan Chronicle

The additional challenge dengue brings along is that the disease has no specific treatment.

5 ways acupuncture can help deal with fertility problems  Times of India

Globally, infertility affects close to 12% women worldwide and to solve the problems, many turn to medicines and even procedures. While medicines and ...

The top 10 home remedies for acne, according to dermatologists  TODAY

Wondering how to get rid of acne fast at home? Try one of these home remedies for acne recommended by dermatologists and estheticians.

Can physiotherapy also help in weight loss?  Times of India

One of the biggest myths about physiotherapy is that it can only help a person recover from an injury or solve troubles like stiff neck, leg pain. However ...

Ayurvedic treatment for constipation: 3 Ayurvedic medicines that can help improve your digestion naturally  Times Now

Ayurvedic treatment for constipation is gaining popularity. Here are a few Ayurvedic medicines that can help treat constipation and promote regular bowel ...

Home Remedies 101  IOL

The most common and sometimes the uncommon ingredients we have in our kitchen has the answer to many of our ailments.

Sudburians can bank on a white Christmas and a snowy winter, Farmer's Almanac says  The Sudbury Star

It looks like we are in for a whopping, if slightly warmer than usual, winter.The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac, Canadian Edition is out and it sounds like Sudbury is ...

Simple physiotherapy exercises you can do at home to get rid of leg pain  Times of India

Leg pain, restlessness and the feeling of pins and needles are very commonly experienced. As we start to age, our muscles and bones, too start to break down.

Lenovo ThinkBook 13s review: Affordable Ultrabook suited for home and small businesses  Windows Central

Lenovo's new ThinkBook lineup starts with the 13s, an aluminum Ultrabook that's a blend of IdeaPad and ThinkPad. It's intended for use with small and home ...

5 simple home remedies for diarrhea  Medical News Today

Diarrhea is a common digestive problem. It can be highly uncomfortable, but many people can treat it at home using simple home remedies. Learn about them ...

The best home remedies for hair growth  Medical News Today

Though common to experience some hair loss with age, home remedies and treatments can help. In this article, learn about a range of home remedies for hair ...

Home Remedy of the Week: Beat Period Pain and Cramps With Fennel Seeds (Saunf)  LatestLY

No two women have the same kind of periods. For some, menses are as easy as a breeze. But for others, the four days are tedious and painful. Period pains or ...

Article warns against home remedies for abortion... then encourages at-home abortion pill use  Live Action News

A Refinery29 writer notes with alarm how women turn to unsafe abortions, then goes on to endorse the chemical abortion pill, which comes with many risks.

Baby congestion: Causes, symptoms, and home remedies  Medical News Today

Congestion is common in babies, often affecting the nose or chest. It is usually harmless but can be uncomfortable. In this article, we look at the causes of and ...

5 home remedies for pinkeye  Medical News Today

Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, is a common eye condition. People can relieve irritation, itchiness, and discomfort at home, using various natural remedies.

5 Doctor-Approved Home Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome  Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

When it comes to treating restless legs syndrome, anything that relieves symptoms is worth trying. Here are 5 options our sleep expert suggests.

Grandma knows best! Baby home remedies from around the world  TODAY

In every country around the globe, grandmothers have old-school home remedies to help babies and toddlers with colic, sleeplessness, teething and so much ...

Dear Doc | Worried about these panic attacks | Outlook  Jamaica Gleaner

Q I am very concerned that I have a heart condition, and it is not being taken seriously. I have been to the emergency room a few times with the same bad feeling ...

Debunking 6 Common Home Remedies That Aren't Worth Trying  Mental Floss

If you are sick or injured, the treatment isn't usually in your kitchen pantry—despite what your grandmother may have told you.

Home remedies: Cold remedies that work  Medical Xpress

Cold remedies are almost as common as the common cold, but are they effective? Nothing can cure a cold, but there are some remedies that might help ease ...

Children's Colds and Home Remedies  Healthline

Survey shows at least half of parents try vitamin C, zinc, and other methods that don't have much impact on colds.

Pustule: Causes, treatments, and home remedies  Medical News Today

Pustules are large, pus-filled pimples. In this article, we discuss the causes and symptoms of pustules. We also look at treatments and home remedies to get rid ...

Hangover cures: Most effective home remedies  Medical News Today

A hangover can leave someone with fatigue, nausea, and muscle aches. Many people swear by certain hangover cures, but do home remedies really help?

Xuan Juliana Wang recalls immigrant stories in ‘Home Remedies’  San Francisco Chronicle

Author Xuan Juliana Wang tells the stories of immigrants in.

6 Milk Home Remedies You Didn't Know You Could Use  Bustle

Getting to the pharmacy to find relief for those minor, everyday ailments can be a headache in and of itself. So when you can find home remedies or DIY ...

How to get rid of calluses: 7 home remedies  Medical News Today

Calluses are hard, thick areas of skin that are often uncomfortable. They are rarely serious, and a number of simple home remedies can help reduce their ...

Irregular periods: What home remedies could help?  Medical News Today

Certain home remedies and lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, can help people to regulate irregular periods. In this article, we look at home remedies ...

Home remedies for sensitive teeth plus causes and prevention  Medical News Today

Having sensitive teeth can sometimes make eating and drinking a painful experience. However, certain home remedies may help reduce tooth sensitivity.

Measles Treatment: 8 Home Remedies To Help You Recover  International Business Times

Measles is an extremely infectious viral illness that can affect anyone. Here are some home remedies to help you should you find yourself sick with measles.

Top 10 home remedies for an itchy scalp  Medical News Today

Whether dandruff, psoriasis, or another condition is causing an itchy scalp, various home remedies can relieve the itch. In this article, we discuss the options and ...

7 natural home remedies for your dog  Mother Nature Network

When your dog gets sick, in most cases the first thing you should do is check in with your veterinarian. Even mild symptoms could be the sign of something more ...

How to get rid of acne scars: Treatments and home remedies  Medical News Today

Acne scars can form as a result of moderate-to-severe acne. Many home remedies and medical treatments can help smooth the skin and reduce scarring. Learn ...

Baby constipation: Top 7 home remedies  Medical News Today

Babies rarely experience constipation, but it can occur. The first treatment for baby constipation is to try home remedies, such as taking their rectal temperature or ...

'Home Remedies' Is About the Bizarre Experience of Growing Up in Rapid Globalization  VICE

In Xuan Juliana Wang's first collection of short stories, she explores what it's like to be young and curious as the world changes around you.

Home remedies: Self-care measures to relieve tension-type headaches  Medical Xpress

Frequent headaches can interfere with your daily life. But healthy lifestyle choices can help you head off the pain. Start with the basics, including diet, exercise ...

12 best natural remedies for eczema  Medical News Today

Many natural remedies can relieve the dry, itchy skin that eczema causes, including aloe vera, coconut oil, special baths, and essential oils. In this article, we ...

9 Home Remedies and Scientific Studies on Their Effects  Interesting Engineering

Not all home remedies are equal. Many remain as myths whilst some actually have scientific studies backing them.

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 free online ebooks tips news do it yourself how to articles home remedies  Related best tips, home remedies, reports, articles, and information:

Top Ten Things to Do to Make your Signature File Sell
Always include a powerful signature on every email you send out, even to friends. It's even more important when you send out articles to opt-in ezines (no spam) and top web sites in your field--more important than your article's message.

Seven Questions to Improve Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life
Seven Questions to Improve Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life One of the most powerful tools we have as humans is our ability to ask questions.  The more adept we are at asking them (and waiting for and listening to the answers), the more effective we will be.

10 Dos and Don'ts Of Customer Services
Email etiquette is the key to help calm down anxious and impatient customers. People assume that once they press the "send" button that we will get everything sorted out in an instant! Of course we all know that this is not an accurate representation of how things work.

Ten Tips For Starting A New Job
1. Get to know people.

No More Lists To Remember
Are the endless lists of Top-7's and Top-10's taxing your brain and your memory? Do you ever feel like trying to keep all these ideas straight, let alone apply them properly at the correct moment in time an overwhelming chore? How often do you find yourself having to review these lists? Perhaps endlessly until the next list comes out and then it's back to square one again. Wouldn't you rather live, work and be spontaneously effective, without having to pull out your "how to" lists? Just imagine for a moment being able to live this way.

Ten Tips to Build a Culture of Inspirational Leadership
Leadership, leadership development and leadership training are "Hot" issues in today's business world. A recent Internet search uncovered over 44 million hits on leadership, over 20 million hits on leadership development and 15.

Performance-Stress-Motivation: 7 Sanity Saving Business Boundaries
The lack of strong boundaries is one of the chief causes of stress, overwork and overwhelm in the business environment. What are Boundaries? Clearly set boundaries help other people to understand how you want to be treated.

Sales Marketing: 10 Tips On How To Promote Yourself And Generate Sales
A lot of people are insecure about buying something or doing business with strangers. To make people feel comfortable to buy from you or do business with you, give them a little information about yourself or business.

10 Things To Do Before You Start Your Business
If you are thinking of starting a new business, or if you are just about to take the plunge, you will know that there is a lot that you have to do. But where do you start? It is a good idea to get some of the groundwork done before you start, possibly this will often mean things that you hadn't thought about, things that most people do as a reaction to circumstances rather than as a planned activity.

Seven Ways to Improve Your Results with Follow-up
What follows is a bold statement, but sometimes it takes a bold statement to get people's attention. One of the most important and yet overlooked skills in business today is follow-up.

7 Super Ways To Drum Up More Sales
1. Use subheads throughout your ad copy.

Seven Steps to Achieving Your Dream
"Vision is the spectacular that inspires us to carry out the mundane." -- Chris Widener. Can achievement be broken down into steps? Well, it isn't always that clean and easy, but I do know that those who achieve great things usually go through much of the same process, with many of the items listed below as part of that process.

10 Reasons to Use Online Banking
With today's technology and people's need for more information it is no wonder that online banking is growing as one of the most popular uses of the internet. Here we have listed the 10 biggest benefits to start using online banking.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make Managing Organizational Performance
mistake #1: rely just on financial statements. Profit and loss, revenue and expenses these are measures of important things to a business. But they are information that is too little and too late.

The Ten Best Kept Secrets For Protecting Your Business Property Against Theft
1. Locks and Padlocks - Locks on all outside entrances and inside security doors should be double cylinder deadbolts with removable collars.

Ten Tips for Effective Meetings
Here are ten things that you can do to hold more effective meetings.1) Avoid meetings.

Surviving When Clients Aren't Rolling In
As the holiday season starts to settle in, the workload for many Micro-Businesses can slow down. Service-based businesses in particular consider this a slow time of the year.

How To Move Your Business Online in 7 Steps
So you have set up your company, fairly established and generating some sort of revenue. Why should you take the most important step of starting online? The online audience is massive - it's an information resource used by millions worldwide and continues to grow.

Your Leadership Shopping List
Tis the season to give. And finding the right gift to give the people on your team can be challenging.

Top Seven Reasons to Publicize your Business with Articles
Do you want to be #1-10 on Google and other search engines? Do you want quadruple your Web sales in five months? Promote your business to the top with these 7 reasons to write and submit how-to articles. 1.

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